How To Keep Hamsters Cool? A Comprehensive Guide

Hamsters are very good at taking care of themselves. However, some things are out of their control naturally. For example, hamsters cannot sweat. Meaning that they cannot cool themselves off by themselves. This is why heatstroke takes the lives of many hamsters in the wild. But you don’t want that to happen to your hamster, right? Read this article to learn the best method to keep your hamster cool.
How To Keep Hamsters Cool

So, what can you do to keep your hamster cool during a heatwave? There are several easy-to-do things that you can do to keep your hamster from getting a heatstroke. First of all, move it into a wired cage if he currently lives in a plastic cage or an aquarium. After that, place that cage in the coolest part of your even if it is the bathroom. 

Keeping your hamster cool in summers is not as hard as most first-time owners consider. You just have to be considerate regarding the health of your hamster. 

Things You Can Do To Keep Your Hamster Cool

For your convenience, we have gathered some of the smartest ways of keeping your hamster cool in the summers. By simply following some or all of these instructions, you can keep your hamster healthy even in the summers. 

Following are the recommended instructions for keeping your hamster cool:

Use Wired Cages

Several types of cages are available on the market, each having its own specialty. Aquariums serve as the best cages to keep your hamster from escaping. However, they are not best for the summers. Aquariums are enclosed from the three sides, limiting the ventilation for the hamster. The same is the problem with plastic cages. 

On the other hand, wired cages are properly ventilated from all sides. Hence, even if you only switch on the fan and place your hamster in a wire cage, heatstroke won’t touch it. 

Place Your Hamster In A Cool Place

The least you can do to save your hamster from heatstroke is to place its cage in a cool place. Take a round of your house and assess which place is the coolest. If you have a basement, that place is your best bet for keeping your hamster cool. The basement’s temperature remains moderate even in the hot summers. 

If you have air conditioning in your house, then things will be a lot easier for you. Place the cage of your hammy under any vent of the conditioning system. If you have set the temperature between 18-23℃, then you have to do anything else in this regard. 

Switch On The Fan

No! This doesn’t mean that you buy a pedestal fan and place it right on the head of your hamster. It will disturb your beloved hamster and make him restless. Simply Switch on the room’s ceiling fan where you have placed your hamster’s cage. 

The fan will keep the air circulating in the room, keeping your hamster and his cage cool.

Avoid Direct Sunlight  

You cannot afford to compromise on this point. Even the sunlight touching your hamster’s cage after passing through the windows is not acceptable. Sunlight reaching your hamster can significantly increase the chances of heatstroke.

Moreover, hamsters’ eyes hurt in the direct sunlight as they are designed to see in the dark. This is why you should place your hamster’s cage in a quiet and dark place.

Keep Water Cool

Drinking water plays a very important role in keeping your hamster’s body temperature normal. Considering this, you should frequently keep changing your hamster’s drinking water. Ensure that the water you provide to your hamster is not warm. If the water is warm, hamsters don’t drink it even if they are thirsty, which leads to dehydration in them. 

Moreover, bacterias also grow faster in warm water. Hence, this is another reason to change the water of your hamster regularly. 

Watery Diet 

You can increase the number of veggies and fruits in your hamster diet in the summers. You might be aware that several fruits and veggies like cucumber and celery contain high-water content. This will help you keep your hamster cool inside out.

However, you should consult with your vet before changing your hamster’s diet, as green stuff above a certain level can cause diarrhea in the hamsters.

How To Identify Heatstroke In Hamsters?

If you are a first-time hamster owner, it is crucial for you to identify a heatstroke in your hamster. Heatstrokes can take your hamster’s life if you don’t take any action in time. 

Here are the signs that point to heatstrokes in the hamsters:

  • Convulsions
  • Bright Red Tongue
  • Slobbering
  • Depression
  • Lack Of Movement
  • Panting

If you see these symptoms in your hamster, rush to the vet without any delay. Heatstroke is a condition in which every minute is important.


Down below are some relevant questions and their answers that are quite informational:

What Is The Ideal Temperature For The Hamsters?

Between 18 to 23℃ is the temperature in which hamsters can live without feeling either hot or cold. As an owner, it is your responsibility to provide this temperature to your hamster.

Should I Travel With My Hamster In Summers?

No, it is not recommended to travel with your hamster in the summers. At some points, we have to leave our pet behind in the vehicle, which can lead to overheating. Therefore, you should drop the plan of traveling your hamster in the summers.  

Should I Bathe My Hamster To Keep Him Cool?

Bathing your hamster to beat the heat is not a good idea. Hamsters are very sensitive to high and low temperatures. Bathing him can lead to hypothermia which is as deadly as heatstroke. 

Keeping Hamsters Cool Wrapped Up

Hamsters are sensitive animals. You have to make some changes to keep them in good shape, especially when the weather is changing. In the wild, hamsters save themselves from the heat by sleeping all day in their cold and humid burrows. However, your pet hamster cannot take care of himself.

Hence, you should take precautionary measures in order to guard him against the harshness of the summers. Start by placing him in a well-ventilated wired cage. Then, place this cage in a cool place. Add cold and watery things to its diet. Yes! It’s that simple.

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