Hamster With Red Eyes – What Does It Mean and Is It Normal? 

Many people consider hamsters with red eyes an evil breed. Others become worried about the hamster’s health when they see a hamster with red eyes. Are you looking for an answer to why hamsters have red eyes? Here you’ll find a detailed answer to this question and much more.
Hamster With Red Eyes

Why hamsters have red eyes – Hamsters have red eyes due to many reasons, including the absence of melanin pigment, blindness, dust allergy, and infection or injury. So, the reasons for the red-eyed hamsters can be both genetic and environmental. Before labeling these hamsters evil or something else, you need to point out the actual reason behind the red eyes of the hamster. 

In this detailed post, you’ll learn everything about red-eyed hamsters. 

Why Hamsters Have Red Eyes? 

Hamsters can have red eyes due to the following reasons: 

Lack of Melanin 

Some hamsters don’t have melanin, which is a pigment that gives color to the fur, eyes, and hair of hamsters. In hamsters, who suffer a lack of melanin don’t have the fur and eye color. As a result, the body gets a white color, and the eyes appear like a bright red tint. 

Hamsters that don’t have melanin pigment are called albino hamsters, and they are completely normal. You can’t categorize albino hamsters as abnormal or special hamsters just because they have red eyes and white fur, unlike other hamsters. 


Red eyes are also seen in hamsters that suffer from cognitive or acquired blindness. It’s easy to identify if a hamster is blind or not by looking at the following symptoms: 

  • It rarely moves when it’s a baby. 
  • It won’t respond to any movements. 
  • It doesn’t actively interact with other hamsters. 

A healthy hamster can also damage the eye iris while playing or fighting with other hamsters. If you observe that your hamster has recently got red eyes, take it to the vet as early as possible. It might be due to an injury, which, if not treated on time, can lead to complete blindness. 


Hamster’s eye infection can also make its eyes red. The primary reason associated with an eye infection in hamsters is uncleaned hamsters’ cages. The litter or the uncleaned items in the cage may carry some germs that, when added to hamsters’ eyes, can make them red. If you ignore your hamster’s condition during an eye infection, you’ll have to make time for a complex long-term treatment afterward. 

If you notice that your hamster has an eye infection, don’t be a doctor for your pet. Human eye drops are not suitable for hamsters’ eyes, and you should never try to use them as a treatment for eye infections in hamsters. Instead, take your hamster to a vet when you’re sure that your hamster is suffering from an eye infection. 

Dust Irritation 

Sometimes, hamsters can have red eyes due to dust. Your hamster can get dust irritation if you allow it to roam freely in the house. To confirm if your hamster has dust irritation or not, observe your hamster for a while. Once confirmed, you can treat minor infections due to dust with a diluted solution of potassium permanganate or chamomile decoction

Are Albino Hamsters As Healthy As Other Hamsters? 

No, albino hamsters are not as healthy as other hamsters. They are prone to many health conditions that other hamsters are less likely to suffer. Some of the conditions that albino hamsters suffer from include: 

  • Albino hamsters have a greater risk of getting visual and skin diseases. For example, they often suffer from skin ulcers and papilloma. 
  • The rate of cancer in albino hamsters is more than the normal-colored hamsters. 
  • The eyes of the albino hamsters can’t tolerate sunlight. So, you can’t keep their cage in a place where sunlight will fall on it like other hamsters’ cages. 
  • They are more susceptible to stress and fright than normal-colored hamsters. 
  • Although they are considered more sensitive than other hamsters, they can live a good duration if provided proper care. When the right living conditions are provided, albino hamsters can live for 2-3 years. 

How to Care for Albino Hamsters? 

Here are some tips that you can employ to care for albino hamsters: 

  • Keep hamsters with red eyes in a separate cage or with other albino hamsters. Place the cage away from the sunlight. 
  • Ensure to remove the litter from your hamster’s cage on time to avoid any infection or injury. 
  • Albino hamsters don’t like loud sounds and noises. To make them comfortable, place their cage at a peaceful spot in the home. 
  • A sand bath is better for albino hamsters than a water bath. It isn’t easy to give a water bath to a hamster having white fur and red eyes. 


Down below are some questions related to hamster’s red eyes that might be useful for you:

Are Hamsters With Red Eyes Evil? 

No, hamsters with red eyes are not evil. They are often considered so, but you shouldn’t be scared of them because they have different eye colors. They are different from other hamsters due to some genetic or environmental factors, but they are not evil at all. 

Are All Hamsters With Red Eyes Blind? 

No, all the hamsters with red eyes are not blind. Red-eye color is considered a symptom of blindness, but it shouldn’t be generalized for all hamsters. All the hamsters don’t have very good eyesight, so it’s not a thing that you’ll see in red-eyed hamsters only. You can observe your red-eyed hamster’s behavior for some time to see if it is blind or not. 

Do All White Hamsters Have Red Eyes? 

No, all-white hamsters don’t have red eyes. All the albino hamsters have white fur and red eyes. But you can also find hamsters that can have white fur with brown eyes. These hamsters have white fur naturally, not because they have albinism. 

Hamsters Will Red Eyes Explained

Caring for your hamster’s health is completely up to you as your little furry buddy is completely dependent upon you. Seeing your hamsters having red eyes is alarming for pet owners. But now you understand all the factors that can cause red eyes in hamsters. Always remember them and try to provide extra care if your hamster is an albino, a red-eyed with white fur hamster species!

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