What To Do If My Hamster’s Penis Is Out? Explaining All The Possibilities!

Hamsters are the reason behind our smiles after a long tiring day. Their small size and cute actions make them ideal pets for busy routines. However, sometimes, hamsters can shock you will some very unusual medical conditions. One of these medical issues is the penis of the hamster sticking out. Is the penis of your hamster visible all the time? Don’t know why this is happening? Let’s find out!
What To Do If My Hamster’s Penis Is Out

So, what makes the penis of the hamster stick out? This happens due to a condition called Paraphimosis. In this condition, the foreskin of the hamster is trapped behind the glans penis. The penis of the hamster is unable to retract to its natural position, which is in the perpetual cavity. You should immediately rush to a vet for the best treatment in such a case.

Hamsters are susceptible animals. A lot of medical conditions that you can’t even think of can occur in these little creatures. Paraphimosis that causes penile prolapse is also one of these strange medical conditions. 

Paraphimosis In Hamsters

As mentioned earlier, paraphimosis is the condition that keeps your hamster’s penis from retracting. Although the vet can only do the best treatment, it is good to understand the situation for future reference.


There could be several causes behind paraphimosis. Usually, another condition called phimosis becomes the reason behind paraphimosis. In the mentioned condition, the hamster is unable to retract the prepuce skin present over the glans penis. 

Another common reason for paraphimosis in hamsters is injury followed by trauma. As a hamster owner, you might be aware that hamsters are very sensitive animals, both physically and mentally. Even a minute fall during a climbing adventure can put your hamster in severe shock. 

In addition, infections in hamsters can also rarely lead to paraphimosis. 

Sometimes, genetic defects in the hamsters can also lead to congenital issues. These congenital issues may be in the form of abnormally large size of the penis or contracted prepuce. 

Apart from all the causes mentioned above, several other factors can also lead to paraphimosis in hamsters. These factors include:

How To Diagnose Paraphimosis

Although the diagnosis of the paraphimosis should be left on the vet, you can look for several symptoms before going to the clinic. Start by keenly examining the body of your hamster. Also, have a look at your hamster’s medical history to see any related information.

Ensure that the size of your hamster’s penis is enlarged and the poor critter is unable to retract it. Due to the abnormality in the blood flow, the penis will become reddish.

If you find all of these symptoms in your pet, immediately take your hamster to the vet. In such a situation, you cannot afford to leave your hamster to heal independently. 

Treatment Of Paraphimosis  

An expert vet can only suggest and conduct the best treatment for paraphimosis. If you can’t visit the vet immediately, you shouldn’t try to treat the condition yourself. However, you should take adequate measures to keep the situation from worsening. 

You should apply petroleum jelly to the affected area to relieve irritation for your hamster. If you are a DIYer, then you can mix sugar with coconut oil and then apply it to the penis of your hamster. This will not only decrease the pain for your hamster, but it might also make him able to retract the penis. 

What Should You Do?

First of all, you should not take this situation lightly. Every minute is precious in this situation, so visit a veterinary clinic as soon as possible. This is certainly not because your hamster wants to mate. This is a serious medical condition, and you should act accordingly. 

Also, remove the sandbox from your hamster’s cage. Hamster might feel the urge to take a sand bath due to itching, but that is not good for it. Scratch from any sand particle can cause serious injuries in this case. 


I thought that the following commonly asked questions might be helpful for you:

Does The Prolapsed Penis Of Hamster Hurt Him?

Yes, during paraphimosis, hamsters go through a lot of pain. To reduce this pain, you can lubricate the affected area.

What Is The Difference Between A Prolapsed Rectum And a Prolapsed Penis?

As the name states, in the case of a prolapsed rectum, the intestines of a hamster pops out of its anus. Contrarily, in the case of the prolapsed penis, the hamster cannot retract its penis. 

Hamster Penis Stuck Out Takeaways

Hamsters can amaze you with their intelligence and cuteness. Moreover, they can also shock you with some unheard medical conditions. A condition that is pretty common in hamsters but utterly new for first-time hamster owners is paraphimosis. In this condition, the hamster loses control over retracting its penis. The best thing you should do in this regard is to take your hamster to the vet. 

Wasting time in this regard can cost the life of your beloved pet. 

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