How Long Do Robo Hamsters Live? All You Should Know

The day you bring a pet home, the fear of losing your pet begins hunting you. Like any pet owner, you’d want to spend maximum time with your Robo hamster. But do you know how long do Robo hamsters live? If not, then this post will explain everything about Robo hamsters’ lifespan.
How Long Do Robo Hamsters Live

How long do Robo hamsters live – The average lifespan of Roborovski hamsters, also known as Robo hamsters, is 3-4 years. Some can live even longer than this, depending upon the living conditions you provide. The lifespan of Robo hamsters is slightly more than the other hamster breeds. Other breeds can reach the average lifespan of the Robo hamsters only if they get strict care. 

Continue reading this post to learn how you can increase the lifespan of a Robo hamster by providing ideal living conditions. Moreover, you’ll find the common health issues that can occur in Robo hamsters and decrease their lifespan.

Can Robo Hamster Get Sick or Injured? 

Unlike other hamster breeds, common illnesses don’t attack Robo hamsters. They don’t get the ailments that Syrian, Russian, or Chinese hamsters can easily get. This is a huge relief if you want to have a Robo hamster. 

But having protection against common ailments doesn’t mean Robo hamsters can’t get sick or injured. There are many health issues that are more common in Robo hamsters than other hamster breeds. A Robo hamster can get any of the following health problems more quickly than other types of hamsters: 

  • Allergies 
  • Mites or Ticks 
  • Sick conditions 
  • Seasonal itching 
  • Eye prolapse like eye bulges
  • Rapid weight loss 
  • Crushing 
  • Broken bones 

Common Health Issues of Robo Hamsters 

The hamsters under consideration are known as one of the healthiest pets if you keep them the right way. Roborvski hamsters rarely get sick, but if they do, the following conditions are most common: 

Wet Tail 

The risk of a wet tail in Robo hamsters is lower than other hamster breeds but still not negligible. This serious health condition can appear in Robo hamsters and will require immediate vet help. Wet tail is a condition during which the number of bad bacteria in the stomach increases, which can affect the stomach and overall health of Robo hamsters. 

The common causes of the wet tail are an upset stomach, long-term filthy conditions, poor diet, and high fiber in your hamster’s diet. This condition is more common in Robo hamsters aged 12 weeks or below. Although the condition occurs at a young age, this doesn’t make them immune to wet tails. 

Once you see the symptoms of a wet tail, take your hamster to the vet early. At the initial stages, this serious health problem can be controlled with antibiotics. If the early stages have passed, severe dehydration can lead to the death of your Robo hamster. 

Allergies and Itching 

Robo hamsters can get allergies and itching problems more often than other hamsters. The risk of allergies and itching is more if you keep hamsters in pairs. The primary factors that trigger allergies and itching in Robo hamsters are stress, old age, and bedding. If the bedding that your hamster is using isn’t clean, it can cause many infections and allergies, making your hamster sick. 

Mites and Ticks 

Mites and ticks are small parasitic species that can cause skin irritation and inflammation in Robo hamsters. If your Robo hamster has mites and ticks, you’ll often find your hamster stretching his fur, even if the cage is clean. Your hamster also starts losing his fur hair at a rapid rate. These parasites are invisible to the naked eye, and you can’t spot them without a microscope. So, it’s better to take your hamster to a vet if you see him rubbing his fur frequently. 

What To Do If a Robo Hamster Gets Sick? 

A sick Robo hamster needs treatment at the earliest. For the best treatment, take your hamster to an experienced vet. Let him examine the condition of your Robo hamster. After the detailed check-up, he’ll prescribe antibiotics or other medications. If required, he can recommend some minor surgery too. 

Leave the treatment up to the vet because he knows what is best for your hamster to bring him back to life by making him healthy again. 

How to Care for Robo Hamster? 

Keeping the following things in mind to provide good care for Robo hamster: 

Feed your Robo hamster a balanced diet which will include sunflower seeds, grain, hamster biscuits, mealworms, and dried bananas. 

Provide them with interactive toys to play with, so they can remain physically active. Exercise is crucial for improving your Robo hamster’s health which increases his lifespan. Be aware of the health problems of Robo hamsters. Carefully observe the symptoms and take him to the vet as early as possible for an extended lifespan. 


How to Treat Mites in Robo Hamsters? 

To treat mites in Robo hamsters, get help from your vet. He can recommend some good antibiotics, anti-mite sprays, and drops that you can easily get from any local pet store. While treating your Robo hamster with medication, clean his cage too. Disinfect the cage, change bedding, and add fresh water and food to the water and food bowl. 

Can Children Keep Robo Hamsters? 

Yes, children can keep Robo hamsters if they are more than 8 years old. If your child is under 8, he may have a problem with handling a Robo hamster because they are an extremely fast hamster breed. Taming and handling Robo hamsters is a tough task that should be done by someone who has experience in keeping hamsters. 

What’s the Cost to Care for Robo Hamster? 

To care for a Robo hamster, you’ll have to spend a minimum of $110. It includes costs for Robo hamster’s cage, wheel, toys, hiding objects, bedding, food bowl, water bowl, food mix, and the hamster himself. Besides these one-time costs, be prepared for the maintenance costs too. The maintenance costs will vary depending upon the living conditions of your Robo hamster. 

Robo Hamster’s Lifespan’s Takeaway  

Now, you know that Robo hamsters have a good lifespan that you can improve even more with good living conditions. Create a healthy living environment for your Robo hamster and get him checked for common ailments frequently. With care and precautions, you can make your Robo hamster live longer than his average lifespan of 3-4 years! 

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