Your Hamster Escaped or Hiding? All You Need to Know to Find Your Lost Hamster

Hamsters are good at escaping. It feels tempting to get these cute pets out of their cage and play with them, but the next thing you know, they are lost. in this article, I'll share the ideal ways to handle an escaped hamster
All You Need to Know to Find Your Lost Hamster

What to do if Your Hamster Escapes?

Do not panic. It happens all the time. If your hamster has escaped their cage, start searching immediately and inform your neighbors and friends about your missing hammy. Usually, they come back in a few hours. In the meantime, you can search for your hamsters in the top hiding spots. Hamsters are likely to hide in shoes, furniture, kitchen appliances, blankets, bathrooms, heaters, basements, and closets. So, check these areas first. If you still can’t find it, put your hammy’s favorite snacks on the door to lure them into your house.

Finding an Escaped Hamster

Search for your hammy near the cage. Most hamsters do not go far away from their cage, as they need their meals regularly. Check the hiding spots near the cage and scan the whole room thoroughly. Check behind the cushions, under the furniture, inside the empty boxes, and every place your hamster could be hiding. Cabinets and drawers also serve as the hiding spots for your hammy. Check holes around the walls and other tiny places. There is a chance your hamster must have crawled into these small corners.

The easiest way to find a hamster is by placing sunflower seeds in each room. Your hamster loves seeds, and they will definitely come out of their hiding spots to grab the seeds. This way, you will know which room they are hiding in. Note that this trick does not work if you have mice in your house. 

Attach the strands of yarn to the sunflower seeds or the cheese slices and put them in the center of the room or close to the hamster’s cage. It’s impossible to keep an eye on the hamster for 24 hours, so this is the best thing you can do. The hamster will come out for the food, and they will most likely take it back to their hiding spot. Fortunately, the long yarn strands will lead you to the place they are hiding.

How to Catch a Hamster?

A bucket trap is a perfect idea to find your hamster. Get a bucket, place a clean towel at the bottom, and put cheese slices and your hammy’s favorite food. The treat should be so delicious that the hamster cannot resist it. Build a staircase with wood or stacked books that lead to the bucket. 

The idea is to lure your hamster into climbing these books and getting into the bucket for the delicious treat. They cannot come out of the bucket, though. That’s the easiest way to trap your hamster if it’s hiding in your house. 

Getting Your Hamster Out of Hiding

Food is the only way to bring your hamster out of the hiding. Once you have found their hiding spot, bring their cage close to the place they are hiding and put some delicious snacks in the cage. Keep the door open and keep an eye on your hamster. They will definitely smell the food and come out of the cage to have their treat. 

Hamster Under Fridge -How to Get It Out?

First things first, do not move any kitchen appliances if your hamster has gone missing. Grab a torch or turn on your mobile’s light to scan the surface under the fridge. Don’t panic if your hamster is under the fridge. They are absolutely safe. These pets like to hide under the kitchen appliances, so there’s nothing to worry about. Just put their cage near the fridge and keep the doors open. They will get back in the cage when they want to eat and sleep. 

How to Get a Hamster out From Under the Oven?

Do not turn on the oven if your hamster is hiding underneath. It will scare it. If your hamster has gotten under the oven, chances are she’s probably taking a nap. You can create banging noises on the oven to wake it up or move the oven a little to get it out. Give it some time. She will automatically come out of the oven.

Hamsters Going Under the Doors

A hamster can hide nearly anywhere. She can be hiding under the door, in the corner of your windows, and just about any place in your home. Check the doors, and don’t close them until you have found your hamster. You don’t want to squash your hamster under the door by opening or shutting it tightly.

My Hamster is Under the Floorboards. How Can I Get It Out of There?

Hamsters can hide under the floorboards, which is pretty common. To get them out of there, get a bucket, use a soft cloth, and put freshly cooked meals or their favorite snacks in the bucket. Most people find this trick perfect for luring the hamster into a bucket filled with food. However, if it does not work, your only option is to wait for them to come out. They will surely get out automatically in search of food.

The bucket trap is the perfect way to get your hamster out of the holes on the floor. If your hamster has been hiding under the floorboard, put a bucket trap and use food with a strong fragrance. Peanut butter is the best choice, if you don’t have that, consider using cheese slices instead. Remember that your goal is to lure the hamster into the bucket so they don’t grab the food and get inside the floor again. You need to trap them in the bucket in such a way that they can’t climb out of it.

How Long Can a Hamster Live Under Floorboards?

Hamsters might have the ability to live in small corners, but these little creatures cannot survive under floorboards for more than 4 days. They need to come out of these holes to get water and food. However, if they are stuck there and they can’t find their way out, chances are they might die under the floorboards. 

The good news is that your hamster can drill a hole in the wall to get out. They do have strong teeth. For a hamster to live under floorboards, they need sufficient space to get air. They also need to get out of the floorboards every few hours for food and water. Your hamster may survive under the floorboards, but they can’t go on for long without water. They start experiencing the symptoms of dehydration and die eventually. So, it is important to get the cage near the floorboards and lure them inside the cage with delicious food.

Your hamster loves treats, but they are too smart to get lured into the cage. Make sure you keep an eye on your little friend and fill all the tiny holes in your house. You don’t want your hamster escaping their cage.

How do you attract a lost hamster? 

Peanut butter is the best treat for your hamster. If you have lost a hamster, use peanut butter to attract them to their cage. If they are around and can smell the food, they will most likely come for it.

What to do if your hamster is hiding? 

Find all their hiding spots and wait for them to come back in the cage. Keep the doors of the cage open so your hamster can get in for food and nap time. You can use a bucket trap to attract them if you can’t find their hiding spot.

How do you find a hiding hamster? 

Check all the small corners in your house, especially under the furniture, near fixtures, under the floorboards, and under the kitchen appliances. Scan the whole room, as the hamster could be hiding anywhere. These pets can hide in the tiniest corner of your house, so don’t leave any place unchecked.

How do you get a hamster to come to you? 

Food can draw the hamster to you. Seeds, cookies, peanut butter, and cheese are a few snacks that can get a hamster out of its hiding spot. 

Why is my hamster trying to escape?

A hamster escapes when they don’t feel comfortable in their house. Hamsters can get threatened very easily, which is why they escape or pick a hiding spot where they hide until they feel safe coming out.

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