How To Euthanize A Hamster?

People who own hamsters know how cute and irresistible they are. They can easily put a smile on your face after a tiring day. But the only bad thing is that these exotic pets are prone to a lot of fatal diseases. On top of that, their immune systems are not very strong either. There comes a time when you have to take the hard decision of euthanization. Read this article till the end to find out all about the euthanization of a hamster. 
How To Euthanize A Hamster

Have your vet suggested the euthanization of your hamster? If you don’t want your hamster to get euthanized in the vet clinic, there is a way to do this at home as well. For this, you will have to place your hamster in a container and then release carbon dioxide in the container. It is not the best humane method, but it is the best way to euthanize a hamster at home.

The process of euthanizing won’t be easy for you and your family. Before preparing for the job, you have to be sure first. For this, you will have to assess the condition of your hamster properly.

When Euthanization Becomes Necessary?

Euthanization is recommended to spare your beloved pet from the suffering he goes through during sickness. There are some diseases in hamsters that you can treat with a good diet and medicines. You have to be very careful while noting the symptoms before deciding to euthanize your hamster. 

Following are the symptoms that indicate that the best solution left for your hamster is euthanization:

Pain & Suffering

If it is evident that your hamster is suffering from severe pain, then you can get them relief through euthanization. Detecting pain in hamsters is not very difficult. When hamsters are in pain, they whine a lot. Their movement gets restricted as well. 

Note these symptoms and discuss them with your vet. Professionals at the clinic will give you a better insight into the whole situation. 

Limited Movement

Hamsters love to sleep in the daytime and spend the night exploring their surroundings. Being nocturnal animals, hamsters are very active at night. In the wild, these small furballs can travel upto 5 miles searching for food. 

Some diseases are not lethal, but others will kill your hamster slowly. A decrease in the movement of your hamster is one of the biggest signs of illness. If you see that they are not active even when it’s night, then this is not a good sign.

Instead of letting your hamster suffer from pain, you should consider the euthanization option in such a situation.  

Lack Of Interest

As mentioned earlier, hamsters are very active animals. They love spending their time keeping themselves busy in several activities. You must be aware that hamsters enjoy running on their hamster wheel, racing through tunnels, and chewing their favorite toys. 

If your hamster is no more taking an interest in all these activities, then there’s something wrong. If your hamster is not showing interest in the things he once loved and keeps lying in the corner, then you have the right to worry. 

It could be because of old age as well. If you are confused about whether your hamster is getting old or sick, consult your vet.

Loss Of Appetite 

Loss of appetite is another indication that your hamster’s health is not well. Hamsters love their food more than anything. In their natural habitats, hamsters literally risk their lives every day for food. Dehydration is a condition that can consume hamsters in days, and your hamster is aware of it.

If your hamster is not eating or drinking well despite all these facts, they are definitely facing some health issues. If you notice the loss of appetite in your hamster, then take it to the vet immediately. The expert will examine the condition of your hamster’s body and suggest treatment accordingly.

How To Prepare For Euthanization 

If your hamster’s health has reached the point where no option is left other than euthanization, follow the instructions mentioned below:

Consult With Your Vet

Call the clinic where you take your hamster. Discuss the health condition of your hamster with the vet openly. If the vet suggests, take your beloved pet to the clinic for a check-up. If the vet also suggests you euthanize your hamster, start preparing. 

Choose Your Hamster’s Final Destination

Deciding to euthanize your hamster is very hard but dealing with the grief is even harder. It is why you should choose whether you will bury or cremate your hamster beforehand. 

It will help you function better after your hamster is gone. 

Educate Children

Making your children understand that their pet is going away from them is very important. If you have children at home, no one will be attached to your hamster than them. It is why you need to educate the children regarding euthanization and help them deal with grief.


Some commonly asked questions with their answers are mentioned below to help you in the whole euthanizing process:

Euthanizing Hamster At Home Or Clinic, Which One Is More Humane?

There is no doubt that the most painless method to euthanize a hamster can be conducted only in the clinics. It is a very difficult person to achieve the level of perfection like in the clinic. In the clinic, anesthetic gas is added to make the pet unconscious. After the hamster is put to sleep, CO2 is released. 

Can You Euthanize Your Hamster Using Car Exhaust Fumes?

In the past years, when the catalytic converters were not that efficient, and car emissions were full of carbon, people used car exhaust fumes to euthanize small pets like hamsters. However, today the technology has evolved to the point where car fumes contain very little amount of CO2. The amount of CO2 present in the latest model cars is not enough to euthanize a hamster. 

How Much Euthanization Costs In A Veterinary Clinic? 

Every vet clinic charges according to their location, quality of service, and experience in the field. Euthanization services for hamsters usually cost between $35-250. 

Euthanization Of A Hamster Summed Up

Euthanization of your pet is one of the hardest decisions you can take as a hamster owner. But sometimes, this decision is inevitable. To be sure, you should first check the symptoms of a deadly disease in a hamster. For this, you can take help from a professional help as well. The best way to euthanize your hamster at home is by flooding its enclosure with CO2. 

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