How To Bury A Hamster? – All You Need To Know After Losing Your Little Friend

Owning a hamster as your pet is a lifetime experience. You get to make some of the best memories of your life with your furry friend. Even the idea of losing them can terrify anyone. But the saddest part is that one day you have to say goodbye to your hamster. It is because the lifespan of the hamster is not that long. In fact, even when the luck is at its peak, hamsters live up to 4 years. Stay tuned till the end to find what you have to do after your hamster dies. 
How To Bury A Hamster

So, how to bury a hamster once he is gone? You should start by preserving the body of your hamster. After that, choose whether you want your hamster to be buried or cremated. If you choose to bury your hamster, check the regulations of your locality first. Then, according to the regulations, bury your hamster while keeping your preferences into consideration. 

When it comes to saying goodbye to your hamster, you can do a lot of things to make it special. In addition, you can be thoughtful and keep a memorial of your pet around you. Read this thread till the end to find multiple ways to depart your pet’s body. 

Step By Step Burial Process For A Hamster

As a hamster owner myself, I can feel the pain of losing your pet hamster. Undoubtedly, the smallest caskets are the heaviest. But you and your family members have to understand that this is a natural process. You and especially the children attached to the pet have to understand and prepare for the last rituals. You should focus on giving the best farewell to your hamster. 

For your convenience, here is the step by step guide to burying your hamster:

Preserve The Body

Choosing between cremation and burial is a tough decision. But nature doesn’t wait for anyone, and the body starts decomposing right away. It is why the first thing you should do is preserve your hamster’s body. Whether your hamster has passed away in your house or at the clinic, preserve the body first. 

For preserving your hamster body, place it in a sealed container or a sealed plastic bag. Moreover, keep it in a cold place, for example, in the freezer. One thing to note here is that you should get the final ceremony done within 24 hours.  

Study The Law

There are some places where the law doesn’t allow you to bury your pets. To avoid any kind of inconvenience, first, check if burying pets is legal or not. If you have decided to bury your hamster, check if your city’s authorities allow it or not. 

Only proceed further when you are sure that it is legal to bury your hamster. 

Check Burial Regulations

Even if your municipality allows you to bury pets, there must be some laws regarding it. In most of the laws, you have to dig atleast three feet deep hole for the grave. This law is there to prevent the spread of any kind of disease. 

It is also recommended to keep any other animals getting to the body by chasing its smell. As a responsible hamster owner, you should comply with laws to keep your hamster body safe even after death.  

Call Local Municipality

This is very important. A lot of wiring and water pipelines are laid underground around you. Therefore, it is very important for you to call and check for any underground wiring or pipelines before digging. 

This will save you from any kind of inconvenience that you face after damaging wiring or pipelines.

Take Precautionary Measures

It is very important for you to be very careful regarding your own health during the whole process. After the death of your hamster, its body starts decaying at a very fast pace. Bacteria and viruses on the dead body of your hamster can make you seriously ill.

It is why I recommend you to cover yourself properly using plastic gloves, rubber shoes and a face mask. 

Place Your Hamster In A Box

Place your hamster in a biodegradable container. The box should be big enough to accommodate the body of your hamster. You should choose a biodegradable box as it is environmentally friendly and becomes part of the soil.  

Burying The Hamster 

Now is the final and the most heartbreaking step. Gently place the body of your hamster in the grave you had dug for its body. While filling the grave with sand, ensure that no space is left in between. The sand will start sitting with time if any space is left due to rainwater and other factors. 

Another thing you have to ensure is that your hamster’s grave is not at the place which has to be dug later, for instance, near any flower pot someplace where you plan plantation in the near future. 


Following FAQs and their answers will help you deal with the whole situation in a better way:

How To Bury Your Hamster In A Pet Cemetary?

First of all, you have to research the pet cemeteries near you. After choosing the cemetery that suits you the most, you have to decide a budget for the burial. Once all of this is done, you simply have to hold a funeral.

How To Cremate Your Hamster? 

If the option of burying your hamster doesn’t suit you, go for the cremation of your hamster’s body. For this, you have to choose a veterinary clinic first. The clinic you choose should depend upon your budget and accessibility. Then you will have to hand over the body of your hamster, and the staff will do the job for you.

How To Deal With The Grief?

There’s nothing wrong in talking about your hamster after it is gone. In fact, this will help you in coping with the loss. Moreover, writing down your feelings and memories with your beloved pet will also help. Also, try visiting the places your hamster loved, like parks.

Final Verdict 

The time when your hamster passes away is one of the hardest times as a hamster owner. Letting your hamster go is not easy by any means, but you should be well prepared for its burial. You must follow simple steps to say goodbye to your hamster safely. These steps include checking regulations regarding burial and other relevant things.

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