What Sand Is Best For Hamsters?

Hamsters are famous for their cleanliness and grooming habits. The sand serves as the best cleaning tool for the hamsters. But, the number of options available on the market can be a little intimidating for new hamsters. In this post, you will learn the best way to choose the perfect sand for your hamster.
What Sand Is Best For Hamsters

So, what sand is best for your hamster? The best rule of thumb, in this case, is to stick with nature as much as you can. Artificial sands can cause serious medical issues for your hamster. One thing to note here is that you should go for sterilized sands. This will keep your hamster away from harmful bacterias found in sand naturally.

Want to learn more about hamsters’ sand baths? Then, read this post till the end to know everything you need to know before giving your hamster a sand bath!

Is Sand Good For Hamsters?

Yes, sand is good for hamsters. Sand baths allow the hamsters to clean themselves and stay odor-free without getting wet. Most hamsters don’t like being wet in water due to the fear of getting sick.

You can give your hamster sand baths occasionally. There is no need to be regular until you’re keeping its cage and surroundings clean. Sand baths are an excellent way to keep your hamster clean while protecting the essential oils in its fur.

Best Sands To Use For Hamsters’ Sand Baths

To give your hamster a healthy sand bath, the choice of sand is important. You need to ask experts to pick the right sand because all types of sand are not suitable for a hamster’s sand bath.

Below we have some of the best sand options for your hamster’s sand bath:

Witte Molen Chinchilla Bathing Sand

It’s one of the best options for a hamster’s sand bath due to its good odor control and clump. Despite being really good for sand baths, it’s really affordable. However, you can have a hard time finding it in physical pet stores. But, it’s easily available online.

Sterilized Dessert Sand

With fine particles and no dusty texture, sterilized dessert sand is safe to use in hamster’s sand baths. Dessert sand clumps really well and is suitable for a wide range of weather conditions, doesn’t get hot or cold quickly.

You have to find it online as it’s not very easily available in local pet stores.

Reptile Sand

Reptile sand is 100 percent natural and a very good choice for hamsters. Although the sand is made for reptiles, it serves perfectly for the hamsters as well. The only thing that you should look for is that there is no dyed sand added to the product you are buying. This sand is a good option because it is very close to the one that hamsters use in the wild.

Chemicals like calcium are added to some reptile sands to make them look appealing. Most of the chemicals used to dye the sand are poisonous for the hamsters. Other than that, it is one of the best sands you can buy for your hamster. 

The best part about this sand is that it comes off the fur of the hamsters quite easily. Hence, he will come out clean after every sand bath.  

Worst Sands To Use For Hamsters’ Bath

Although the sand is necessary for the well-being of your hamster, there are some types of sand that you should avoid at every cost. 

Following are the sands that you should ignore the next time you enter the pet store:

Scented Sands

If you have dealt with any smell coming from your hamster cage, scented sand will sound like the best idea. The idea of your hamster cage smelling like your favorite fruit is fascinating but it can cause serious medical issues for your hamster. 

The smell of these scented sands is so strong that it can cause irritation in the respiratory tract of your hamster.

Clay-Based Sands

Clay-based sands sound a good idea as they are very fine and soft. But this is exactly the reason why you should avoid these sands without thinking twice. While taking bath or while playing, hamsters can inhale the fine particles of this sand. 

This can cause serious lung-related medical issues for the hamsters. 

How To Give Your Hamster Sand Bath?

To give your hamster a sand bath, you’ll first have to create one. For creating a sand bath, you’ll need:

The sand of your choice – You can choose from the best sands mentioned in this post.

Down below is the list of stuff you will need for giving a sand bath to your furry friend:

A bowl – The size will depend upon the size of your hamster.

An antibacterial spray – Choose the one that is labeled safe for small animals, including hamsters.

Follow the following step by step process to give a sand bath to your hamster:

  1. Take the bowl and clean it thoroughly using the antibacterial spray.
  2. Allow the bowl to dry and then fill with the sand.
  3. Keep the sand bowl at a suitable place in your hamster’s cage. Your hamster knows how to use the sand bath to keep itself clean.


The following questions related to sand will help you in taking the right decision:

How Often Your Hamster Needs A Sand Bath?

This depends entirely on personal preference. If your hamster gets dirty a lot then, then you can give it a sand bath a few days in the week. The thing that is important is to keep your hamster’s sand bath clean. A dirty sand bath will absorb the essential oils from your hamster’s fur which isn’t healthy for your hamster.

Do Hamsters Need Like Sand Baths?

Yes, most hamster breeds like sand baths. They not only keep them clean but also work as ample entertainment in the cage. They love sinking their little paws in the soft sands and hiding treats in the grains. Then, finding the treats by burring soil keeps them active and happy in the cage.

Do Baby Hamsters Need A Sand Bath?

No, baby hamsters don’t need a sand bath. In fact, at this age, you should try to keep your hamster away from the sand as much as possible. In baby hamsters, the oil glands take almost a month to form. If you bathe them with sand or water before this age, it can harm them, especially if the sand or water goes into their pouches.


Providing suitable sand for your hamster is an important element of good hamster parenting. 

Before looking for the best sand, you have to understand why your hamster needs it in the first place. A simple rule for choosing the best sand for your hamster is by staying close to nature. Dessert sand and reptile sands serve perfectly as bathing sands for the hamsters.  

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