Can Hamsters Eat Cashews? A Comprehensive Guide

Cashew nuts are one of the most desirable delicacies that we love enjoying as a snack. They are rich in vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients. They also are considered a substantial source of energy. The idea of tossing a cashew nut in your hamster's cage may strike your mind then you might have wondered if it is safe for your hammy. So, let's find out whether your hammy can have this delicacy or not.
Can Hamsters Eat Cashews

So, feeding cashews to your hamster is a yes, or a no, no? It is a Yes, your hammy can have cashews but in moderation since they have high-fat content. Commercial hamsters’ diets contain nuts and seeds, but they do not have nuts like cashew because they are too expensive, so if you want to add this type of rich exquisiteness to your pet’s diet, you have to do it yourself, but with caution. 

Before adding cashews to your hamster’s diet, you must know a few things. For your convenience, there’s a complete guide on feeding cashews to your hamster:

Benefits of Feeding Cashews to Your Hamster

As mentioned earlier, cashews are highly nutritious. They encompass minerals like Magnesium, Iron, Manganese, and Copper in ample amounts. Furthermore, cashews are also a rich source of Vitamin B6, C, and D. All these nutrients play an essential role in strengthening your hamster’s immune and nervous systems.

In addition, proteins, fiber, and saturated fats (good fats) present in cashews prevent constipation and are necessary for satiety. 

Cashews are loaded with calories. An ounce contains over 150 calories which is a humongous amount that is why they should be fed in winters, particularly since in winters, more energy is required to keep the body warm. However, moderateness is the key to extracting maximum benefits for your little hammy. Cashews can also be advantageous for pregnant hamsters, but you must consult with a vet before offering her cashews.

Guidelines and Risks Associated with Feeding Cashews to your Hamster

First of all, seasoned, flavored, or salted cashews are strictly prohibited. Consider them poison for your little hammy because they contain an excessive amount of sodium that can destroy your pet’s urinary system by forming crystals in the urinary tract, ultimately causing kidney failure and internal bleeding that can lead to death. Hence you should offer only plain cashews to your pet.

Cashews should only be offered as a treat. They are not part of a hamster’s natural diet as they are full of fats and calories. Consequently, overfeeding can cause obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular complications. If your hammy has some medical history related to obesity or diabetes, you should not give them cashews. Cashews are considered a better treat for bigger breed hamsters like Syrian. In the case of dwarf hamsters, you must be more cautious.  

How Should I Feed Cashews to My Hamster?

A large hamster-like Syrian can have one cashew nut a week, but you can give it two nuts if your hamster is active. It is advised that weather should be considered while determining the frequency and amount of cashew nuts. They are more desirable and advantageous in the cold season, so make adjustments accordingly.

In the case of dwarfs, cut down the amount to half nut in a week or two according to your hamster’s health. If your hamster shows signs of stomach upset, then stop feeding cashew to her. Overfeeding high fats food can cause obesity by accompanying diarrhea or gas. When you add a new food to your hamster’s diet, start slowly and observe if there are anomalies and if you see one, consult with a vet as soon as possible.


Can Hamsters have Other Nuts as Treat?

Yes, several nuts can be fed as a treat to hamsters. They include Peanuts, Almonds, Walnuts, Hazelnuts, Pine nuts, Pistachios, and Pecan. They all are a high-fat food, and you must be extra cautious while feeding them to your hammy.

Can Hamsters Eat Sweetened Cashew Nuts?

No, you should not offer sweetened cashew to your hammy. Cashews are already loaded with calories and fats. Adding sugar to them will only cause health hazards for your hamsters. So, stick to the plain roasted cashews.

Can Hamster Eat Chopped Cashew Nuts?

No, feeding chopped cashews to a hamster is not advisable because it can create a choking hazard. The whole cashew should be given to the hamster. She will chop it her way. 

Conclusion- Can Hamsters Eat Cashews?

Cashews are a good treat for your hammy. In moderation, they are very promising for your hamster health-wise, but with high-calorie food like cashews, you have to be extra attentive because they can cause more harm than benefits if fed in an unchecked way. You should also consider that some hamsters may not like cashews, or some might love them since it is purely subjective, so you should not force your hammy to eat anything.

Keep your hamster’s diet simple. It is the only way to keep your little hammy healthy and happy.  

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