Can Hamsters Eat Nuts? All You Need To Know

Most hamster owners are aware that hamsters are omnivores animals. Their nutritional needs are more diverse than most other pets. Hamster’s cousin squirrels love munching on the nuts. So, naturally, we wonder if it is okay to feed nuts to your hamster. Are you also confused if you should feed nuts to your hamster or not? Let’s find out the truth!
Can Hamsters Eat Nuts

Can hamsters eat nuts safely? – Yes, absolutely! In fact, due to nuts high nutritional value, you must add them to the treats list. However, you should not consider nuts as a replacement for your hamster’s balanced diet for the same reason. The quantity of nutrients present in nuts is far more than hamsters’ nutritional needs. This can lead to obesity in hamsters which is the mother of several fatal diseases. 

There are several types of nuts readily available on the market. Most of them are healthy for the hamsters. However, some of them are totally opposite. Before handing out any nut to your hamster, read this guide first. 

Hamsters And Different Types Of Nuts

It is very important to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of feeding different nuts to your hamster for the sake of its health.

Down below, I have explained the pros and cons of sharing some popular nuts with your hamster:


Flavored peanuts are what everyone loves. Even the idea of roasted salted crunchy peanuts can fill the mouth with water. But the question is, are peanuts safe for hamsters as well? Yes, peanuts are safe for hamsters. However, you should add no preservatives or seasoning to the peanuts. 

On top of that, you should always feed peanuts in moderation to your hamster. Peanuts are rich in calories and fats. You can’t make these nuts a part of your hamster’s balanced diet.


The topic of feeding almonds is a little tricky when it comes to feeding them to your hamster. Unrefined bitter almonds are lethal for hamsters due to the amount of cyanide present in them. On the other hand, sweet almonds are safe for hamsters to consume. This is because the quantity of cyanide in sweet almonds is half as compared to bitter almonds. 


The next nut on our list is our all-time favorite cashew. Cashews are not only loved by us humans, but our beloved pets also enjoy them equally. But are they even beneficial for the hamsters as well? Yes, cashews are very nutritious for hamsters when fed in moderation. 

The only drawback of cashews is that they are loaded with fats. Consumption of cashews above a certain level will lead to obesity in hamsters.

Other Nuts 

Your hamster can also safely enjoy other nuts like pistachios, hazelnuts, walnuts, pecans, and pine nuts. However, same as the nuts mentioned above, these nuts also contain a high amount of calories and fats. Therefore, you shouldn’t consider any of these to be a part of your hamster’s regular diet. 

How Often Should Hamsters Eat Nuts?

Nuts’ nutritional values are so high that they can’t be made a permanent addition to your hamster’s regular diet. The best rule of thumb is to avoid giving nuts to your hamster more than twice a week. This rule stays the same for all kinds of breeds, from Syrian hamsters to Dwarf hamsters.  

In addition, not more than one piece of any nut should be given to the hamster at a time. 

Shelled or Unshelled Nuts?

You might be well aware that hamsters belong to the rodent family. Just like other rodents, the teeth of hamsters never stop growing. They like to chew on several things to keep their teeth in shape. On that account, if you will provide your hamster with shelled nuts, then they will have something to gnaw on after they are done enjoying their treat. 

Therefore, you should prefer shelled nuts over unshelled nuts when it comes to feeding your hamsters. 


Following are some of the FAQs related to feeding nuts to hamsters that will help you in making better decisions:

Is Peanut Butter Safe For Hamsters?

Yes, as long as it is plain and untreated. Usually, sweeteners or salt are added to the peanut butter, making it a hazard for the hamsters. So, ensure that the peanut butter is pure before giving it to your hamster.

Which Nut Contains Highest Amount Of Fat?

Cashews are the nuts that contain the highest amount of fat among popular nuts. Therefore, you should never feed more than 2 pieces of cashews per week. Otherwise, your hamster will get fat in no time. 

Nuts In Hamster’s Feed Concluded

Taking care of a hamster for the first time is quite challenging. You have to study every food item before putting it in your hamster’s cage. In this informative thread, we learned that nuts could be a very good treat for your hamster. 

However, you should avoid bitter almonds as they are poisonous to hamsters. Other nuts should also be fed in moderate quantities to prevent obesity in hamsters.

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