How Often Do Hamsters Poop? A Detailed Overview

People who are planning to buy a hamster or have just bought one are curious to know all about it. This also includes the hamster’s pooping schedule as it is directly related to the care a hamster will need. Are you also wondering how many times a hamster poops typically? Well, you are just at the right place. Let’s find the answer to this question together.
How Often Do Hamsters Poop

Hamsters poop several times a day. According to the reports, some hamsters poop every hour when they are awake. Several factors influence the frequency of your hamster’s poop. The most prominent factors are diet, age, health condition, and stress levels. 

Generally, hamsters are considered low-maintenance pets. Meaning that you won’t have to put much effort to keep your hamster happy. But is that really true? Stick till the end to know the answer.

Factors Influencing Hamster’s Pooping Frequency

There’s no straightforward answer to this question. The routine of pooping may vary from hamster to hamster. However, the following are the factors that determine how many times a day will your hamster poop:


Studies show that young hamsters poop more often than old hamsters. It is because the bowel movement of young hamsters is faster due to their small size. Hence, if your hamster is young and he poops a lot, there’s nothing to worry about. 

With age, you will notice that the frequency of pooping will decrease. This is because, in the older hamsters, bowel movement is comparatively slower. 


Pooping more often is a sign of good health in hamsters. The bowels of these hamsters are very small, and these little creatures really love eating. Hence you will see that hamsters are excreting right after eating. 

The diet your hamster is getting also determines the pooping schedule of your hamster. If your hamster is getting an ideal diet, he will poop more. If you see that it is pooping less than before, recall if you made any changes to its diet.

If making changes to your hamster’s diet plan decreases the number of poops, return to the old one. 

Health Condition

Just like in humans, health conditions also influence the texture and frequency of pooping in hamsters. If the hamster is not in its best shape, his pooping routine can change. Decrease or increase in the number of times your hamster poops depends upon the medical condition your hamster is suffering from.

For instance, in the case of diarrhea, you will notice a change in the appearance of your hamster’s poop. Moreover, in this condition, your hammy will be pooping more than normal conditions. 

Stress Levels

A factor that most people don’t know about is stress levels in your hamster. Stress levels in hamsters can rise easily. Higher stress levels make your hamster poop more. This happens especially when you bring your new hamster to your home. Coming to a new place automatically increases stress levels in the hamsters. 

Moreover, the presence of other animals or loud noises can also increase stress levels in the hamsters. Hence, if your cat stays around your hamster’s cage, place the cage in a safer place. The same goes for the dogs, as they are also predator animals and can attack a hamster’s cage. 

When To Worry?

Owning a hamster for the first time is just like having your first baby. Even the slightest of the changes in your beloved pet’s routine can worry you. This includes any difference in the pooping routine of your furry friend. So, when you should be actually worried:

Normally, hamster poop is in the form of dark-colored pellets. The color of the poop varies according to the diet of your hamster. However, if the appearance of the poop is normal, then something is wrong with your hamster.

Runny poop, which is soft in appearance, is a clear indication of diarrhea. This happens when your hamster consumes too much green stuff. Try reducing veggies and fruits in your hamster’s diet and see if the poop’s texture returns back to normal. If this trick doesn’t work, then it is time to visit the vet clinic. 


These frequently asked questions will help you in becoming a better hamster owner:

How Often Should I Clean My Hamster’s Cage?

At least once a week. If you are keeping two hamsters in one cage, then reduce this time to half. Now, as you know that hamsters poop a lot, you shouldn’t delay cleaning your hamster’s cage. Delay in cleaning can make your pet sick real quick. 

Can You Poop-Train Your Hamster?

Yes, you can train your hamster to poop in the litter box. The training should start from the early stages of your hamster’s life. The duration of this training depends upon the breed and personality of your hamster.

Hamster’s Poop Explained

Hamsters are unlike any other pet. To become the owner of a happy hamster, you have to learn a lot. This includes facts regarding the hamsters’ poops. Hamsters poop several times a day. The number of times your pet will poop is determined by its age, health, stress levels, and diet. 

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