Can Hamsters Throw Up?

As a responsible pet owner, anything that isn't the normal health condition of your hamster will bother you. When humans throw up, it indicates something wrong with them. But can hamsters even throw up as a sign that they are not well? In this post, you'll find an answer to this and many related queries about your little hamster's health.
Can Hamsters Throw Up

Can hamsters throw up – No hamsters can’t throw up. It’s something that should worry you if your hamster has eaten something toxic. The toxic substance will stay in its stomach and can harm your hamster.

You’ll often feel that your hamster is throwing up, but they actually don’t. Read on to know what it means if your hamster looks like throwing up!

What Hamsters Look Like While Throwing Up?

Hamsters can’t throw up. So, if you feel that they look like throwing up, they could be emptying their pouches. 

If you see your hamster expelling something strange, it could be:


If the expelled substance has a brown and runny appearance, your hamster could be suffering from diarrhea. In humans, diarrhea isn’t a very serious condition, but for your hamster, it can cause severe illness.

Your hamster can face serious dehydration due to diarrhea. Therefore, it’s crucial to notice your hamster’s diarrhea as soon as possible.

In case of diarrhea, keep your hamster hydrated and take it to a vet for proper treatment. Mostly, hamster’s diarrhea indicates:

  • Common cold
  • Salmonella
  • Flu
  • Wet tail


Another thing that looks like throwing up is blood. If your hamster throws out blood, then you should never ignore this. Blood is a serious sign that your hamster needs the vet’s help as early as possible.

Blood could be a sign of:

  • An infection in the urinary tract
  • Pyometra – for female hamsters only
  • Broken teeth
  • Wounds and cuts that have been infected

The chances of your hamster’s survival increase if you take it to the vet when these conditions are at an initial stage. If the treatment is delayed, the cost you pay is your hamster’s life.

Sings That Your Hamster Has Eaten Something Toxic

Sometimes if you feel that your hamster is throwing up, it could be due to a toxic substance. Hamsters can ingest harmful or toxic substances that can create different health problems or even put their lives at risk. 

But fortunately, your hamster will show many symptoms of eating something toxic.

 Here are some common signs that you can watch to check if your hamster has eaten anything toxic or not:

Loss of Appetite

Hamsters are famous for their never-ending hunger. They eat a lot and rarely say no to any food when they are healthy. If your hamster is refusing to eat anything, then it’s a reason to worry.

Try giving your hamster its favorite treats; if it shows no response, then it’s a clear sign of eating something toxic before. The toxic substance will affect its overall health if not treated on time.


Hamsters are very active creatures when they are healthy. If your hamster has eaten something toxic and feels unwell due to that, it will become inactive. In case of lethargy, You’ll see your hamster hiding, sleeping, or sitting in the cage’s corner often.

Inexhaustible Thirst

When your hamster eats something toxic, the organs that are badly affected are kidneys and liver. To help these organs fight the toxic substance, your hamster will drink a lot of water. Hamsters use this as a way to get rid of the toxic substance.

A Dull Fur

Hamsters love to groom themselves. They are mostly clean and keep grooming themselves when they are healthy. If your hamster has lost interest in grooming or cleaning, it indicates an illness.

Fast Breathing

Fast breathing in hamsters results due to respiratory or heart problems. These conditions can result from eating toxins that can even kill your hamster. So, it’s important to take your hamster to a vet as soon as these signs show up.

How To Protect Hamsters From Toxic Things?

As hamsters can’t throw up like humans, so you have to be careful with toxic things. If your hamster eats something toxic, it can’t get rid of it by throwing up. Any toxic substance will remain in your hamster’s body and can harm or kill it. So, you have to ensure that your hamster is safe from all kinds of toxic substances.

Here are some things that you can do to protect your hamster from toxic things:

Keep An Eye On Your Hamster All The Time

Never leave your hamster alone if you want to protect it from toxins. Your hamster can eat anything without understanding the consequences. So, when your hamster is playing or is with you in the kitchen, keep an eye on your little furry buddy.

Don’t Give Your Hamster Everything To Eat

Your hamster can’t eat all the foods available on the planet. You have to be selective while choosing the right foods for your hamster. Edibles like garlic, citrus fruit, and onions are toxic for the hamsters.

These foods are very dangerous for your hamster, and you should avoid giving these to your hamster at any cost.


Here are some commonly asked questions related to the topic that will help you understand the concept more clearly:

Why Do Hamsters Shove Food In Their Mouth?

Because they use their cheek pouches to store and carry food to their bedding. Storing food in their cheek pouches is one of the most basic natural instincts of hamsters. This habit has helped them survive for millions of years.

Should I Help My Hamster Emptying His Mouth?

In some cases, stored food stuck in the cheek pouches of the hamsters. Although hamsters have a lot of control over their body, sometimes they need your help. It is best to take your hamster to the vet in such cases instead of taking things into your hand.

When Does Blood Come Out Of Hamster’s Mouth?

The blood comes out of your hamster’s mouth in case of an injury. The best thing you should do in this regard is to take your hamster to the vet as soon as possible. Never forget that an expert vet can come up with the best diagnosis.


Here ends our guide on hamsters’ throwing up. Now, you understand that hamsters can’t throw up like humans. If you feel that they are throwing up, it’s a sign of various health complications. So, be aware of your hamster’s eating habits and health status to identify anything unusual quickly to your hamster’s life! 

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