Can Hamster Eat Mushrooms? With Facts And Instructions 

They are hundreds of species of mushrooms, but a few are edible. Since many small mammals have fun questing for raw mushrooms in the wild, therefore you may wonder whether your hamster can have one or not. So, buckle up your seatbelts because we are going in the wild to find some interesting answers.
Can Hamsters Eat Mushrooms

Are you wondering if you can feed mushrooms to your hamster? Unfortunately, there is not any Yes or No answer to this question. We recommend you avoid adding mushrooms to your hamster’s diet because they are too acidic. However, some people do feed mushrooms to their hamsters without any issue. Due to the lack of research about their toxicity in hamsters, it is preferable to be safe than mourn later. 

Down below, I have explained potential benefits, hazards, and why it is better to leave them out. Stay with me till the end to find some exciting facts about feeding mushrooms to hamsters.

Benefits of Feeding Mushrooms to Your Hamster

All edible mushrooms are loaded with nutritious elements like Fiber, Proteins, Iron, Vitamin D, and Phosphorous. They are low on Cholesterol, Sodium, and Saturated fats, which is also a plus point. In addition, polysaccharides found in mushrooms, regarded as beta-glucan, can boost immunity and also have anti-tumor properties.

Mushrooms are also effective in dealing with deadly diseases like cancer. There are definite medicinal mushroom supplements. used by some doctors and vets in co-occurrence with chemotherapy to treat a certain type of benign cancer. In addition, you should keep in mind that feeding mushroom is not the same as feeding mushroom supplements since it is mainly found that naturally occurring mushrooms are more toxic than the ones found in a supermarket.

Possible Risks Associated with Feeding Mushrooms to Hamsters

There are 10000 known species of mushrooms in North America alone. Many of them are highly poisonous. Hence, one of the most significant risks is that edible mushrooms cannot be recognized easily. Even the most experienced mushroom foragers may misidentify them since they all look similar. Besides this, most poisonous may even kill humans. Consequently, it becomes riskier to feed mushrooms to your hamster. 

Popular species like Button and Oyster encompass small amounts of carcinogens in raw form.

This little amount does not do any harm to humans, but it can be fatal for your little hammy as they have fragile bodies. 

Furthermore, mushrooms may also cause gastric upset and dental issues as they are acidic. Many people confuse mushrooms with plants due to similarities in appearance, but they are not, and certainly, they do not have nutritional stature like plants.

Safe Way Of Feeding Mushrooms To Hamsters

Although I don’t recommend you to give mushrooms to your hamster, however, if you want to feed him, then don’t serve it in raw form. Only give cooked mushrooms once or twice a month. Feeding your hamster mushrooms found in the yard, compost pile, or in the woods is a bad idea. Those mushrooms could be poisonous and can kill your pet.

If you want to feed mushrooms to your hamster, only provide the human-grade ones. They are comparatively less toxic and can be considered safe for hamsters in extremely restricted amounts. In the beginning, give a small chunk, start slowly, and observe your hamster’s response. If your furry friend stays normal, then you can feed the same type of mushroom every now and then but in a moderate amount. However, if the hammy rejects the mushroom, immediately take the mushroom out of the cage.


Can Hamster Eat Seasoned Mushrooms?

NO, you should avoid feeding seasoned mushrooms to your hamster at every cost. Since they are highly contaminated by sodium, they can damage your hamster’s kidneys. Always give plain mushrooms to your pet.

What are the Alternatives to Mushrooms for Hamsters?

There are many alternate safe food options for your hamster like apple, bananas, broccoli, Roman lettuce, Corn, Walnuts, Chestnuts, and Peanut butter. Latter options are much healthier and safer for your hamster. You should prefer fresh veggies and fruits as your hamster’s primary diet.

What Type of Mushrooms can be Fed to Hamsters?

Portobello, Button Mushrooms, Shitake, Chantarelle, and Oyster. The mushrooms mentioned above are relatively less toxic and can be fed in limited amounts. 

Conclusion – Can Hamsters Eat Mushrooms?

Feeding mushrooms to your hamster can be very risky. Since most of its types are poisonous, therefore, they can kill your hamster. If you still want to feed mushrooms to your, then buy human-grade mushrooms from the supermarket. Furthermore, make sure that they are not cooked in butter or oil because they are rich in fats and can be harmful to your pet.

As a guardian, you should know the risk overshadows the nutritional value of mushrooms for your hamster. There are far more healthy and nutritious options available for your little hammy. Explore them and keep your hammy healthy and safe.

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