Can Hamsters Eat Oats? All You Need To Know

Oats have a special place in the human diet due to their several health benefits. They are considered superfoods because they contain almost all the macronutrients the human body needs for growth and development. But, pets are different from humans, so you can’t apply the same rules to them because what works for you might do the opposite for your pet. Wondering if you can share your oats with your hamster? Let’s find out!
Can Hamsters Eat Oats

So, can hamsters eat oats? Fortunately, YES! Your hamster can eat oats, so there is no need to worry if your hamster eats some when you’re not looking. The fibers, proteins, and other nutrients are as good for your hamster as they are for you. But, moderation is a must to keep your hamster healthy because too much of anything can cause side effects. 

As you now know that your little hammy can eat oats, but you need to understand how much is too much to avoid any problems. Read on to learn everything you need to know! 

Health Benefits of Oats for Hamsters 

Oats contain protein, fiber, and healthy fats that benefit your hamster in many ways. Here are some details on the benefits of oats for hamsters:


Like humans, proteins are an essential nutrient in your hamster’s diet. These macronutrients make the body structures of hamsters, so you have to ensure them in their diet. If your hamster is at a growing stage, its protein requirement will be more than an adult hamster


You have to carefully monitor the amount of fats in your hamster’s diet. With the amount, checking the type of fats is also important because all fats aren’t healthy, and the unhealthy can cause severe health issues for hamsters.


Fibers play an important role in smoothening the digestive system’s functioning. When your hamster gets the required amount of fiber, the number of beneficial bacteria in the gut increases, which is good for the overall health of your hamster.

Risks of Oats for Hamsters 

Some health issues can also arise if you feed too many oats to your hamsters too often. Oats contain sodium and phosphorus, which can take your hamster’s life if they are more than the safe limits. Too much sodium can lead to dehydration in hamsters, which can be fatal if not treated on time. Besides this, the high acidic content of oats also makes it essential to check the number of oats your pet consumes. 

Oats are known to cause bloating in humans, and this problem can occur for your hamster too if it relies on oats too much. Also, feeding the same food daily to your pet isn’t recommended because a varied diet is necessary to fulfill all the nutritional requirements. If you feed one food to your hamster regularly, the same type of nutrients and minerals will accumulate in your pet’s body and cause more harm than good

How Much Can Oats Hamsters Eat? 

The safe amount of oats that hamsters can eat safely depends on their breed. The nutritional requirements vary from breed to breed, so you have to feed them accordingly. The safe amount of oats for some of the hamster breeds are mentioned below: 

Syrian Hamsters 

They have active and strong digestive systems and can metabolize their food quickly. This enables them to eat more oats than other hamster breeds. You can give your Syrian hamster a teaspoon of oats per week without any negative consequences

Robo Hamsters

Robo hamsters aren’t as big as Syrian hamsters, so their nutritional requirement is also less. Robo hamsters can eat a teaspoon of oats in fourteen days. However, you can include other food items along with oats. 

Dwarf Hamsters 

Dwarf hamsters include Russian, Campbell, and Chinese hamsters, which are smaller than an average hamster’s size. Dwarf hamsters should eat a very negligible amount of oats in a week to stay healthy and avoid the side effects of overnutrition


Can Hamsters Eat Rolled Oats? 

Yes, hamsters can eat rolled eats when they are fed according to their nutritional requirements. Moderation is the key, and you should remember it to keep your hamster healthy. 

Can Hamsters Eat Green Oats? 

Hamsters can eat green oats, and these will be an excellent addition to your hamster’s diet because they contain many essential antioxidants. Your pet’s heart health will improve when they consume a sufficient amount of antioxidants in their diet. 

Can Hamsters Eat Cooked Oats? 

Yes, hamsters can eat cooked oats. The important thing is to ensure that the oats are fresh and washed properly before feeding them to your oats. If these conditions are checked, you can feed your hamster both raw and cooked oats. 

Hamsters And Oats Wrapped Up 

Here ends our guide on feeding oats to your hamster. Now you understand how to feed oats to your hamster without any side effects. In case of emergency, take your hamster for a professional checkup immediately! 

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