How to Take Care of Panda Hamster as a Pet? 

Panda hamsters are Syrian hamsters that are popularly known as Panda hamsters due to their panda-like fur. Are you planning to have a Panda hamster? Before you do that, you need to know how to take care of the Panda hamster as a pet. This post entails everything about Panda hamsters’ care.
How To Take Care Of Panda Hamster As Pet

How to take care of Panda hamsters as a pet –Panda hamsters require a moderate care level to be kept as pets. While caring for a Panda hamster, you have to provide them with a suitable living space, a balanced diet, grooming, bedding, etc. Your Panda hamster can live happily with you in domestication when these things are provided. 

Even if you have kept hamsters before, you need to understand how to care for Panda hamsters. They are different from other hamsters regarding their care requirements. There is no need to read lengthy guides because, in this quick guide, we’ll explain all you need to know about caring for your Panda hamster. 

How to Take Care of Panda Hamster as a Pet? 

Panda hamsters are easy to care for breeds. If you feel that you have to provide them special care, then that’s not correct. Besides their solitary nature, they need similar living space just as other hamsters. Here are the things that you can do to take care of your panda hamster:

Get a Suitable Cage 

Choosing the right hamster’s cage is very important because this is where your Panda hamster will spend most of its time. Experts recommend that a hamster’s cage size should be at least 450 square inches. But you can get a bigger cage too. The bigger the size of the cage, the happier your pet will be in the cage. 

It’s better to keep a Panda hamster alone in the cage. They don’t like the presence of members of their breed or other breeds. Keep your Panda hamster in a separate and spacious cage to avoid a fight

Feed Him a Balanced Diet

Like all other hamsters, your Panda hamster also needs a balanced diet. The best diet for a hamster should include one to two spoons of pallets, fresh fruits, and vegetables. Pallet food items are an excellent way to provide all the nutrients to Panda hamsters. But a variation of food is good for the health. Therefore, you can add fruits and vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, pear, apple, carrot, sweet potatoes, peach, etc. 

The things that you should never add to your Panda hamster’s diet are sugary items, such as candies, cakes, and pastries. A high intake of these items is associated with severe health issues in Panda hamsters, including obesity and diabetes.

Make Time for Your Hamster’s Grooming 

Like all other pets, hamsters’ grooming is essential. Not only do they look good, but it also protects them from many health problems. If your hamsters’ nails are long, he can harm himself by stretching his body and yours too. A dirty hamster’s coat can also make him sick because many kinds of germs can reside in it.

To avoid these situations, clean your hamster’s fur and trim his nails every week. You can use a comb or a cat flea brush for this purpose. 

Ensure Cage’s Cleanliness

While caring for your Panda hamster, you must ensure that the cage is cleaned properly. A dirty cage, bedding, food, and water bowls can affect the health of your Panda hamster. So, change your hamster’s bedding when required. Wash the water and food bowls. If needed, clean the cage too with some mild detergents. 

Take Him to the Vet At Regular Intervals 

No matter how good living conditions you create for your Panda hamster, you should always make time to take him to a vet. A thorough check-up of your Panda hamster will help diagnose some common ailments at an early stage. In the initial stages, a disease can be cured better, with less medication and in a short duration. 

Are Panda Hamsters Active Creatures? 

Yes, Panda hamsters are active creatures. They can’t live in a cage where they don’t have enough items to keep themselves entertained. You can keep different toys, treats, exercise wheel, etc., in your Panda hamster’s cage. These things will keep him busy and happy. 

Do Panda Hamsters Have Health Issues Like Other Hamsters? 

Like other hamsters, Panda hamsters are prone to many common health conditions. Some common health issues that are seen in Panda hamsters are: 

  • Respiratory infections 
  • Wet tail disease 
  • Skin infections such as cysts 
  • Tumors

Besides these, your hamster can harm himself while playing. If it happens, take your hamster to a vet immediately to know the intensity of an injury. If it’s something serious, start the treatment as early as possible. 


How Long Do Panda Hamsters Live? 

The average lifespan of Panda hamsters is 2-3 years. Some can survive up to 4 years if they get the required care. You have to ensure that your hamster eats a balanced diet, lives in a clean cage, and sleeps on comfortable and dust-free bedding. With care, you can prolong his lifespan. 

Are Panda Hamsters Aggressive? 

Panda hamsters are aggressive if their personal space is disturbed. For example, if your Panda hamster is sleeping, try not to wake him up. It will be irritating for your Panda hamster and will make him aggressive. If they get their space, they are peaceful creatures who love to be around their human companions and other hamsters. 

Are Panda Hamsters Social? 

No, Panda hamsters are not very social. They mostly love solitude and can bite you or anyone who invades their privacy. Therefore, you have to be careful while handling Panda hamsters. They don’t like too much interference from humans too, so it’s better to give them some space for themselves. 

Panda Hamsters Concluded

Panda hamsters are often considered a different hamster’s breed. But they are Syrian hamsters who have panda-like fur, hence got the name. Panda hamster’s care is easy. They are not demanding and can survive in similar conditions as other hamsters require. The only difference is the Panda hamster’s solitary nature. They are not social, and you have to take care of this to avoid them being aggressive and irritated. A fierce and uncomfortable Panda hamster can bite and harm other hamsters and their human companions too! 

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