Do Hamsters Prefer To Live Alone Or In Groups? All You Need To Know

At first sight, hamsters look like the most adorable and peace-loving pets on the planet. However, the experience of keeping two or more hamsters didn’t go well for many. It raises the question, Do hamsters prefer living alone or in groups? To solve this mystery, read this article till the end.
Do Hamsters Prefer To Live Alone

Generally speaking, hamsters like to spend their lives alone. They don’t appreciate interacting with other hamsters unless they have to mate. For most breeds, mating is the only thing that brings two hamsters close to each other. Keeping two or more hamsters together in one cage can have adverse effects. 

First-time hamster owners often get worried about their hamsters after seeing them sad. It makes them think that getting a companion for their hamster is a good idea. However, is this really true? Let’s find out.

Hamsters In Their Natural Habitats

Around hundred years, hamsters only lived in the wild. Not so long ago, people started keeping them as pets. Although several generations of hamsters have been domesticated, these rodents are still connected to their instincts deeply. 

For hamsters, meeting another hamster means love or war in the wild. There’s no in-between. During the interaction, if both hamsters are adults of opposite genders, they might mate. If the gender is the same, and the hamsters are territorial, which most of them are, they will start fighting.

You will be surprised to know that when two hamsters start fighting, only one is left alive mostly. This is how deadly and aggressive hamsters can become. 

Can Two Hamsters Life Together?

Yes, in some rare cases, and under certain conditions, two hamsters can live together. 

The hamsters must belong to the same litter and have stayed together since the time of birth. Moreover, both of these hamsters must be males. It is seen that two adult female hamsters cannot live together at any cost.

Although it depends upon the personality of each hamster, breeds also play a role in the background. The best rule of thumb is that the bigger the breed’s size, the less aggressive it is. For instance, the chances of Syrian hamsters living in pairs are more than two dwarf hamsters sharing space. 

Can You Introduce Two Hamsters Safely?

There is a recommended method to introduce two different hamsters. Although the results are not guaranteed, this is your best bet. 

Follow the steps given below for introducing two different hamsters with each other:

  1. Place both of the hamsters in two different cages. 
  2. Keep both of the cages nearby. 
  3. Don’t make them interact with each other before two weeks.
  4. Place both of them in a new cage for interaction. 

If any of the hamsters show aggression, immediately separate them. Once things start getting messy, it will be difficult for you to handle the situation. Moreover, even if the hamsters seem to settle with each other, don’t leave them alone. 

Can Hamsters Live With Rabbits?

After learning that hamsters can’t live with other hamsters, you might be wondering about getting a rabbit. Hold your horses right there because this is not a good idea at all. Hamsters are territorial animals, and they don’t welcome any other being in space. 

Although rabbits are much calmer than hamsters, they won’t spare them if they attack them first. The ending won’t be good for your hamster so leave that idea behind.  

When To Separate Hamster Babies From A Litter?

You should consider separating baby hamsters when they are about 20 days old. The maximum recommended time for keeping a litter together is up to 24 days. After this time, there is a chance of mating between hamsters of opposite genders.

Moreover, a sense of competition between the babies will also rise, which will lead to deadly fights. Hence, make sure that you make arrangements to separate your pets as soon as possible. 


Down below, I have answered some frequently asked questions for your better understanding:

Can Hamsters Live With Their Mother?

Yes, but only female hamsters and that too for a short duration. Male hamsters will start mating. On the other hand, after some time, the female hamsters will get territorial, which will lead to fights. 

Do Hamsters Get Lonely?

No, hamsters may get depressed or bored, but they can feel lonely. These little critters are very territorial animals and prefer to spend their time on earth alone. To keep them away from sadness, give them treats regularly provide them with chew toys and other accessories.

Do Hamsters Prefer Living Alone Answered

Hamsters are extremely territorial animals. They only interact with other members of their species when they have to interact. They really prefer to live their lives alone. It is why you should also avoid forcing them to have companionship. This will only bring repentance and nothing else.

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