How To Connect Two Hamster Cages Together?

There are several reasons why you would like to extend or connect two hamster cages. Hamsters, as pets, are highly social beings. They love being with each other –as long as they are in the right company. If your pet is finding it difficult to accommodate well in a single cage, you can join two cages to make ample space for him. Let us know how you can connect two hamster cages on the go.
How To Connect Two Hamster Cages Together?

There are several ways in which you can extend or connect two hamster cages easily. One simple way to do it is by cutting a large-sized hole for allowing a tube to go through both cages. Once you put a tube in, you can include additional accessories like a slide and others. Also, it is important to ensure that the tube is secured properly to not cause harm to the hamsters.

How to Connect Two Hamster Cages Together -You can connect two hamster cages together by using a tube through the holes of the cages. You can include other accessories as well. 

Why Would You Want to Connect Two Hamster Cages?

the main reason to connect two hamster cages together is to expand your hamster living habitat, this can be used in case you see your hamster is getting bored inside of his cage and you are not with it alot and want to spoil it, or sometimes if you have multiple hamsters and want them each to have its own place but also give them the opportunity to get together. this can also work if you have a hamster and a rabbit.

How to Attach Hamster Cages?

The overall behaviors of hamsters are quite appealing. As such, building the perfect habitat for the little creatures can only make the entire pet-owning experience more fun-filled and satisfying. In natural habitats, hamsters tend to live in deep burrows with winding tunnels that connect to smaller chambers. 

If you wish to create the same natural habitat for your hamsters, you can attach two cages together. This will offer your pets ample space while getting a natural feel throughout. Hamster cages can be easily attached with the help of cage connecting tubes that are available in abundance in the market. 

These tubes are available as acrylic or plastic passageways for emulating the all-natural environment. The tubes help in linking together different components of the existing hamster habitat into a single, integrated living space. Hamsters love roaming around through the simulated tunnels or passageways catering to their natural instincts. 

How to Join Hamster Cages?

The basic living environment of your hamsters can turn out to be boring. It can be frustrating both for you to watch and for the animal to live in. When you join two cages together with the help of hamster cage extending tubes, you are basically offering your pet more room to explore. The overall climbing and running involved with the connection of two cages simultaneously will offer your pet ample intellectual and physical stimulation. 

Moreover, as a pet owner, you will receive unmatched satisfaction by knowing that you are capable of providing a better life to your pet. At the same time, you can also enjoy watching your little buddy interact effectively with its enhanced environment. 

Before connecting the cages of hamsters, it is recommended to put yourself in the shoes of the animal. When you are only a few inches tall, by standing on your hind legs, you can only manage to reach a height of 4-5 inches from the ground. Therefore, when you include additional accessories like a slide, a ladder, climbing tubes, or elevated platforms to the home environment of your hamster, your pet is easily capable of moving around in different directions.

How to Connect Hamster Cages?

When you are making use of a cage-connecting tube for your hamster’s habitat, here are some points to keep in mind:

  • Aim at connecting the plastic tubes at the angle that is possible for the creature to reach out. For instance, you can place short stretches in a vertical fashion. However, if you are installing tunnels, whatever might be its dimensions, tunnels should be on the horizontal angle. You should know that hamsters (being small creatures) can have trouble climbing up tall vertical tubes.
  • You can make use of the lollipop or U-shaped cage tunnels. Tunnels can be either used for a single cage or for connecting two hamster cages. You should not make use of short tunnels. Otherwise, your pet will get bored easily. At the same time, it is equally important to pay attention to the fact that the tunnel is not too long either. It will make the pet get lost or exhausted easily.
  • The cage tubes should not lead anywhere but the back of the living quarters of your hamster’s cage. Still, you can think of connecting them to additional and different living areas for allowing your pet to enjoy. You can come across some hamster cages with built-in holes for allowing you to connect tubes. This allows your hammy to run back & forth between different cages.

Hamster cage tubes are available in the form of segments –either bent or straight. These are capable of twisting together. Most hamster environments can be created when you snap tubes together without using any tools. As said, there are hamster cages that are already designed with holes through which you can connect tubes. You should be careful about not twisting the tubes too hard while connecting the cages through the holes. Otherwise, the plastic material might break eventually.


Like any other pet, hamsters also tend to depend on their owner for providing them with a satisfying and sustainable environment or habitat. Hamster tubes are affordable methods of extending or connecting cages. They deliver the assurance of entertaining your pet while improving its health at the same time.

Can you connect two hamster cages together?

Yes indeed. If you think your hamsters need more space or more opportunities to bond well with each other, you can connect two hamster cages easily with the help of cage-connecting plastic tubes.

How do you join two cages together?

For joining two hamster cages, you can search for good-quality cage tubes made out of durable material. In most cases, plastic tubes work the best for your purpose. Buy the right size to help the hamsters have a great time moving from one cage to another.

Can you extend a hamster cage?

Yes. Tubes or channels available in the market can help you extend the hamster cage on the go. There are several other accessories as well that improve the functionality of the cage while allowing your pet to have a great time in its habitat.

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