Can Hamsters Climb? (Stairs, Walls, Cage & More)

Hamsters are not only cute by looks, but their behaviors are equally adorable. However one odd behavior of your hamster that might concern you is climbing. Do you wanna know if your hamster can climb cage walls, stairs, or any other surface? Read this article till the end to know what I learned about hamsters’ climbing abilities upon researching.
Can Hamsters Climb

Does your hamster keep trying to climb the wall of its cage? Wondering if they can really climb it or not? If you talk specifically about climbing, then “yes,” hamsters can climb. Although they are not one of the best climbers out there, they can climb up to 18 inches generally. Considering their small size, this is quite a lot of height. 

Now that you know that hamsters can climb, let’s find out if this is something to be worried about or not. 

Why Do Hamsters Climb?

Hamsters are prey animals. In their natural habitats, their main concern is to dodge predators at any cost. The urge to avoid any kind of interaction with other animals has taught them a lot of tricks. This includes climbing. But what about our pet hamsters?

Why do hamsters in our homes try to climb? There could be different kinds of motivations that your hamster can get to climb. Firstly, they are really active animals. It is because their diet contains several high-energy foods. To save themselves from hyper activeness, hamsters keep finding new ways to burn energy. This is why you will see your hamster trying to climb the cage’s walls. 

On top of that, hamsters love exploring their environment. In the wild, all hamsters do is explore in search of food. Although domesticated hamsters don’t have to run 5 miles per night to fill their tummies, the urge for exploration still stays there. They want to reach the maximum height to examine their surroundings. 

Another reason why hamsters tend to climb stairs and cage walls is that they want to escape. Sometimes, when hamsters are not happy in their cage, they try to climb the cage and escape. This could be because of fear, shortage of space, or even due to boredom. This is why you should always get a good-sized cage with several accessories. Above everything, place the cage away from loud noises and other animals. 

Can Hamsters Climb Out Of Cage Walls?

Hamsters attempt to climb the net walls of the cage, but can they really climb it? It depends upon the walls of the cage you have placed your hamster in. If the cage has wired walls having spaces in between, then yes, there’s a possibility of your hamster climbing it.  

You will vouch that hamsters are very determined animals. Even after several failed attempts, they won’t refrain from trying to climb the cage. This could be a dangerous thing if the cage is climbable. 

Can Hamsters Climb Stairs?

Another thing that hamsters love to climb is stairs. Yes, hamsters can also climb stairs if they are determined to do so. Especially if stairs in your home have carpet on them, the hamster will easily climb them. We all know that hamsters have little claws. These claws act as a hook when hamsters try to climb carpeted stairs. 

Moreover, the design of hamsters’ bodies is lean. This helps them reach a significant amount of height as compared to their size. 

What Should You Do?

Hamsters are not very good at judging heights. They will keep climbing until they reach a stable point. Hamsters only know how to climb up. They don’t know how to get down. This means that they will keep climbing without considering any side effects. This is why many hamsters end up hurting themselves while trying to climb different heights. 

It is important for you to take adequate safety measures to save your beloved hamster from hurting himself. Preventive measures include shifting to glass terrariums or plastic cages. As there is nothing to grip on in such options, your hamster will ultimately give up climbing.

Moreover, you can also provide him with an untreated ladder used in bird cages. Your hamster will enjoy climbing on it and leave the idea of escaping behind. Untreated ladders are perfectly fine for your hamster to use. 


Read the following FAQs to have a better idea about the whole situation:

Can Hamsters Climb Tubes?

The answer to this question depends upon the steepness of the tubes. If the tubes are vertical and are steeper than 20°, then it will be difficult for the hamsters to climb. 

Can Hamsters Jump?

Yes, along with their surroundings, hamsters also try to explore their capabilities. Reports state that hamsters can jump up to 15-18 inches high. 

Climbing Capabilities Of Hamsters Explained

We all know that hamsters belong to the rodent family. Most of the rodent family members, like rats and squirrels, are excellent climbers. It makes us wonder if the hamsters can also climb this efficiently? To our luck, hamsters are not very good climbers compared to other family members. 

Still, they can climb cage walls if there are spaces between them. Similarly, they can also climb stairs if they have carpets on. 

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