Do Hamsters Like Music? Busting The Myths

Are you a music lover? Wondering if your hamster will appreciate your taste or not? Hamsters are sometimes really hard to understand. However, I have done all the research and come up with all the facts related to hamsters’ reactions to music. Read this post till the end, so you don’t miss any important detail.
Do Hamsters Like Music

So, do hamsters like music, or is it disturbing for them? The answer to this question depends upon the genre of the music and the personality of your hamster. According to the reports, hamsters enjoy instrumental and soft classical music. However, it is proven that loud noise can be severely harmful to the hamster, no matter if it is music or anything else. 

Hamsters are peace-loving animals. In the wild, they are known to stay away from unusual sounds. Because, in the wilderness, unfamiliarized voices mean danger. Stay tuned till the end to find out all about your hamster’s music taste.

Do Hamsters Like Music? 

Hamsters don’t have a very good vision. However, nature has compensated for this weakness by giving them remarkable hearing power. From the time of their birth, the ears of the hamsters are very sensitive. 

Sensitive ears mean they can hear even the slightest of sounds. It also means that noise above a certain level can cause permanent damage to the hamster’s ears. 

Discussing the anatomy of the hamsters was important as this will help you in understanding the answer.

Reports say that low pitch classical and instrumental music has a soothing effect on the hamsters. Owners claim that this kind of music relaxes hamsters and helps make them calmer.

Hence, if you are a classical fan, you don’t have anything to worry about. The best rule of thumb is to keep the volume lower than the average TV volume. And also, ensure that the speakers aren’t placed very close to the cage of your hamster. Constant bass can cause stress in your hamster. 

Can Music Scare Hamsters?

Yes, any loud, unusual sound, including rock n roll music, can easily scare your hamster. Hamsters are not as insensitive as the general public considers them. Even minor changes in the environment of your hamster can scare him off. Party music is often very loud and high-pitched. 

It will not only put your hamster in fear but is also harmful to its ears. As mentioned earlier, hamsters’ ears are very sensitive. The membrane in the ears of the hamsters is more delicate than the human ear’s membrane. 

How To Make Hamsters Like Music?

If you are a music lover, you would wonder if you could make your hamster like music as well, right? According to some reports, the good news is that you can actually tame the hamster to be comfortable around the music. 

But the condition is to start from the time when your pet is young. 

Following are the steps that you should follow to make your hamster familiar with music:

  1. Start playing very low bass music in the room or place next to the room where you have put your hamster’s cage. 
  2. After a week, bring the speakers inside the room where your hamster’s cage is placed.
  3. Start increasing the volume of the music gradually. 
  4. See if your hamster shows signs of discomfort while the music is playing. If the hamster seems anxious or stressed, lower the volume. 
  5. When you see no signs of anger, distress, or fear for almost two days, you can enjoy your music.

This method is only applicable for instrumental and classical music. You will have to place the speakers far away from your pet’s cage for your party music desires. 


The following commonly asked questions and their answers will help you learn your hamster better: 

Why Does My Hamster Falls Asleep While Listening To Music?

Hamsters sleeping while listening to music is a very common phenomenon. There is nothing to worry about. In fact, this is a piece of good news. Hamsters sleep when they find the music calm and relaxing. 

Which Instruments Can I Play Near My Hamster? 

Almost all instruments that don’t create any high-pitched sound can be played around hamsters. These instruments include guitars, piano, and violins. 

What Kind Of Music Can Cause Stress In Hamsters?

Music involving drums, electric guitar, and is fast-faced can develop stress in your hamster. 

Hamster’s Relation With Music Explained

Your hamster’s whole world is your house. Any change in this world can either make them happy or stressed. Music is something almost from which no one can stay away. However, as a hamster owner, you have to be very careful regarding your music choices. 

Where some genres are seen to have a soothing effect on the hamsters, others can cause distress. Just like many other animals, classical music helps your hamster stay calm and relaxed. Hence, you can say that they enjoy listening to classical tunes.

On the other hand, loud rock n roll music has adverse effects on the mental and physical health of the hamster. 

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