How To Get A Hamster To Like You? Best Proven Methods

Hamsters are one of the animals that you can’t resist petting because of their cuteness. Children and adults, everyone loves hamsters. On the other hand, although hamsters are unarguable cute, they are not very social. In order to interact with them, you have to build a bond first. For first-time hamster owners, this can be quite challenging. We have summed up the best ways to get your hamster like you in this thread.
How To Get A Hamster To Like You

Your hamster doesn’t let you come near to it? Don’t worry because only a little effort and a lot of care are required to make your hamster like you. You simply have to be considerate of the needs of your hamster. Provide it with a place where your hamster feels safe and comfortable. Moreover, keep making efforts to understand your pet’s personality.

Hamsters are more easily tameable than most people realize. All you have to do is understand that your hamster is a living being and not an object. Simply start taking care of their physical and mental needs, and you will begin noticing the magic.

Getting Your Hamster To Like You

Around a hundred years ago, there was no concept of keeping hamsters as pets. At that time, hamsters only lived in the wilderness. Naturally, they consider every animal bigger than them as a life threat. Contrarily, hamsters see every animal smaller than them as their prey. 

Changing the programming of the hamsters can be a little tricky, but it isn’t impossible. By following the instructions given below, you can easily get your hamster to like you:

Get Him An Appropriate Cage

By appropriate cage, I mean an enclosure where all of your hamster’s physical and mental needs are met. You must first understand that hamsters are not made to live in cages. Hamsters are quite active animals. They can cover up to 5 miles in the wild in search of food.

Therefore, you should buy a good-sized cage for your hamster where it can live peacefully. No matter how fancy they look, small-sized cages make hamsters aggressive and depressed. 

Get To Know Him  

All of the hamsters have different personalities. You have to spend some time observing the nature of your pet. This will give you a better idea about how and when should you approach your hamster. By studying the personality of your little furry friend, you will learn about his preferences which will help you in getting closer to him.

Give Him Time To Adjust

There’s a very big mistake that first-time hamster owners, especially children, make. They try to interact with their newly bought pet right away physically. Hamsters, by nature, don’t appreciate physical interaction with any other animal, including humans. 

Therefore, the best rule of thumb for the first 1.5 weeks is to go near your hamster cage only to change food and water. After placing your hamster in his new cage, you must wait for him to adjust to the new environment. You can start approaching your hamster once he starts producing fewer squeaking sounds. 

Follow A Routine

You can become likeable for your hamster by doing simple things like changing food and water daily at the same time. By following a routine, especially in the first few days, your hamster will start associating that time and your hand with fresh food and water.

Be Gentle

You have to prove to your hamster that you mean no harm by your actions. Even if you feel like your hamster has started getting comfortable around you, don’t grab it. If the hamster has started interacting with your hand, just be gentle with him. Never ever chase him. This will scare them off. 

On top of that, don’t get confused and make any sudden moves near your hamster. In addition, 

make sure that there isn’t any kind of loud noise made around your hamster.

Hand Feed Him 

This trick specifically can do wonders. After 1 or 2 weeks, put some food in your hand and place it in your hamster’s cage. You might fail on the first try, but ultimately your hamster will start eating from your hand. 

After some time, your hand will start meaning fresh food and treats for your hamster. Hence, in this way, your hamster will start loving your presence. 


The following frequently asked questions and their answers might be informative for you:

Can I Get A Hamster To Like Me By Providing Him With Accessories?

Absolutely Yes! Hamsters tend to be happy when they have accessories in their cage. Contended hamsters are relatively more social than hamsters that are not happy with their lives.

Why Does My Hamster Bite Me?

It is because your pet is terrified of your presence. Instead of a safe haven, they consider you as a threat. Give them some time and implement the methods stated above for best results.

Becoming Likeable For Hamster’s Explained

Everyone loves their hamster. With any exception, all of the hamster owners want to cuddle, play and interact with their hammy safely. For this, you have to go through a whole process to make your pet comfortable around you. 

This process starts from providing a suitable good-sized caged for your hamster. You also have to study the personality of your hamster. Be gentle and have some patience. Your hamster will fall in love with you ultimately.

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