Can Dogs Eat Hamsters? Is It Safe to Keep Your Dog and Hamster Together?

It's not uncommon for family members to want their separate pets. If you love hamsters, someone in your house can love to own a dog. But, before you keep them under the same roof, you should know if it is safe to keep these pets together? In this post, you'll learn if your hamster is safe with your dog or not and what you can do in this situation.
Can Dogs Eat Hamsters? Is It Safe to Keep Your Dog and Hamster Together?

So, can dogs eat hamsters? Unfortunately, yes, dogs can eat hamsters. Some dogs can do this if they are hungry, and others can harm or kill your hamster while playing with it. Moreover, some dogs are bred to hunt hamsters or other animals of this type. Due to their predator instinct, they can eat your hamsters. 

Even if your furry buddy can be a predator for your cute little hamster, that doesn’t mean you can’t have them together. But you have to understand the nature of your dog and learn how to keep your dog safe. Before we move on to keeping your hamster safe from your dog, you first need to understand the signs that your dog has eyes on your hamster. 

What Are The Signs That Your Dog Might Attack Your Hamster? 

Dogs’ sense of smell and hearing makes them very alert to their surroundings. These amazing abilities of sensation help your dog to smell and hear little movements of your hamster. Thus, the entire focus of your dog will be on finding and interacting with your hamster. 

You shouldn’t forget that dogs have a natural instinct to hunt for prey. With your hamster around your dog, hunting instincts may activate. In such a situation, you might feel that your dog is playing with your hamster, but he might be finding the right time to attack. 

You’ll be able to see the signs that your dog is interested in your hamster by observing him. Your dog’s body language gives a lot of hints for this before he finally attacks to eat your hamster. 

Here are some signs that can help you know if your hamster is getting too much attention from your dog. 

Following signs indicate that your dog is seeing your hamster as a prey:

  • Staring at your hamster 
  • Alert of his presence around him 
  • Wagging tail 
  • Sniffing 

These signs are often not taken as a serious indication of attack because they might indicate that your dog loves your hamster’s presence. 

However, you need to worry about your hamster’s life if you see your dog: 

  • Barking 
  • Growling 
  • Panting 
  • Raised ears 

How To Protect Your Hamster From Your Dog? 

Both your pets can live with you in perfect harmony if you choose the right cage for your hamster and ensure some safety rules. Here are some things that you can do to keep your hamster safe from your dog: 

Choose A Safe Cage 

Choosing a safe cage is crucial for your hamster’s life. The safest cage is a glass cage because it doesn’t contain any opening, like a wire cage where your dog can reach the hamster. But, while choosing a glass cage, remember that they can heat up quickly and have a quick ammonia buildup. Therefore, you have to check the temperature and level of ammonia regularly to keep your hamster safe. 

If you choose a wire cage, don’t forget to measure the space between the wires. If you live in a hot area and don’t want your hamster to suffer due to heat, you should go for a wire cage. 

Make Your Hamster Comfortable In The Cage 

Make sure that the living space of your hamster is comfortable for him. The size of the cage should be big enough for your hamster to move freely. Make the bedding with high-quality plant fibers. It will keep your hamster’s cage clean and free of any smell. 

Place the cage at a place where temperature, air quality, and other things are suitable for your hamster. When your hamster’s living space is comfortable, you won’t have to keep it outside for a better environment. As a result, there will be less interaction between your dog and hamster, ensuring more safety for your hamster. 

Provide Some Toys To Your Hamster

Put some toys in the cage that your hamster will love. These toys will keep your hamster entertained and engaged, which will end the desire to escape.

The more your hamster will stay in the cage, the safer he will be in the presence of your dog. 

How To Train Your Dog To Be Around Your Hamster? 

If you know that your dog is aggressive, you have to train him to be around your hamster. Dog’s training is a way to keep your dog and hamster at the same place without any harm to your hamster.

Dog’s training helps your dog learn how to stay polite around your hamster. While training your dog, you should remember that the process will take time. You’ll need to follow the right strategy to introduce your dog to your hamster. 

Stay consistent and keep following the following tips to train your dog to be around your hamster: 

Familarize Dog With Hamster’s Smell

Allow your dog to be used to your hamster’s smell. You can do this by making your dog drink from the bowl of your hamster. While introducing them to each other, ensure that your dog is tied with a belt to avoid any mishap with your hamster. 

Slowly Introduce 

Take your dog near your hamster’s cage while keeping him on the leash. Repeat this exercise three to four times a day and make your dog peaceful. 

Train Properly

If your dog listens to you and behaves gently around the hamster, reward his good behavior with his favorite treat. This will speed up the learning process and help your dog mark “harming the hamster” as bad behavior. 

You can end the training when you feel that your dog has been trained properly and doesn’t misbehave or try to attack your hamster. But you should always keep an eye on both your pets. Your neglect can be deadly for your hamster even after training. 


Following commonly asked questions will help you create a harmonious relationship between your hamster and your dog:

Do Hamsters Love To Live Alone Or With Other Pets? 

There are different types of hamsters, and not all of these love other pets, including hamsters. With an exception to dwarf hamsters, most types prefer to live alone. Hence, you can’t keep a dog, cat, or even a hamster under the same roof if you love them all. 

Can Dogs And Hamsters Be Friend? 

No, dogs and hamsters can’t be friends. Both are completely different animals and won’t get along due to their opposite behaviors. Dogs are mostly aggressive pets, and their hunting instinct will trigger in the presence of hamsters. While hamsters are peaceful pets and don’t like loud sounds like your dog’s growling. So, both these will not be comfortable together. 

Can Dogs And Hamsters Live In The Same House? 

Yes, dogs and hamsters live in the same house until they are not kept together. If you can maintain a distance between them, you can have them in your house. If not, it’s better not to have them together because your hamster won’t be safe then. 

Are There Any Dog Breeds That Can Live With Hamsters? 

Yes, you can easily find dog breeds suitable for multi-pet homes. These include Beagle, Australian Shepherd, Border Terrier, Corgi, Collie, etc. You can have a dog of these breeds if you already have or want to have a hamster as a pet. 

Dogs And Hamsters Relationship Summary

Your dog and hamster can share the same roof if you are a bit careful. Train your dog for how to behave around your hamster and make sure that your hamster is in a safe cage. If your hamster is out of the cage and the dog is without a leash, and both are in the same room, keep an eye on both to protect your hamster! 

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