How Long Can Hamsters Go Without Food?

When you own a hamster, then you know how cute these little creatures are. One of the primary questions most pet parents tend to ask the vet is how long a hamster can live without food and water. Let us learn about the same in detail!
How Long Can Hamsters Go Without Food

Are you planning a vacation or need to go somewhere for a few days? How much food is required for your hamster to survive? For until how can a hamster live without food intake? There are some important pointers that you should keep in mind. 

How Long can Hamsters Go Without Eating?

Hamsters are small, cute creatures. Therefore, these are able to survive long without food and water. Food and water are essential components for living beings. Some animals are capable of living without food for a longer period. 

Additionally, food and water are crucial for hamsters as well. These creatures are capable of living only for around 2 to 3 days without food and water. 

Naturally, hamsters tend to live in a burrow. These also make different types of underground tunnels and nests for living comfortably in the given shelters. 

The hamsters happen to be desert animals. They tend to live in a warm and dry atmosphere. They love living in dunes and steppes. In the given regions, food tends to be rare. This is why in some cases, hamsters might face food shortages. However, it only remains for a shorter period. Other desert animals like rats and kangaroos can survive without food for a longer period. The short period could be days, weeks, months, or even years. 

How Often Do Hamsters Need Food & Water?

Hamsters are not like other desert creatures. They are not able to survive food shortage for over some days. They require access to water almost daily. This will help in saving them from heatstroke and other potential health problems. Even when they are capable of hoarding food for some time, it is still necessary to feed your hammy regularly. 

Can a Hamster Die of Starvation?

One cannot explicitly guess the particular number of days a hammy can survive without having food or water. It would ultimately depend on the overall health of the pet and the type of care it receives from the owners. Still, it is expected that a hamster can survive for around 3 to 5 days at the maximum without proper intake of food. 

Indeed, when it comes to starvation, any living being succumbs to it. There is no exception in the case of a hamster. Whether you are new to pet-parenting or a seasoned pet owner, it is for obvious reasons that you should not reach the point of staving your little pet. Even when you are going out, make sure that you are arranging food and water for your cute, little pet. 

How Often Do Hamsters Need to be Fed?

Hamsters are small creatures. Therefore, it becomes difficult to analyse how much to feed them and how often –especially if you are a new pet parent.

The amount that you feed to your little one significantly depends on the overall age and weight of the animal. However, as per the general rule, a hamster is expected to eat around 2 tablespoons of the right food mix every day. Smaller hammy species like Dwarf Hamsters might only require one tablespoon every day. 

In case you are noticing that your pet is not completing his food or rapidly gaining weight, the chances are that you are over-feeding the animal. In case they are finishing off food rapidly, you might consider increasing its portions slightly. 

Hamsters are strange creatures. They are known to hold a significant amount of food in their cheeks. As per the estimates, it is believed some creatures are capable of holding as much as the bodyweight equivalent with respect to cheek food storage. 

What Do Hamsters Eat?

Hamsters, by nature, are omnivores. This implies that they consume food that is derived from plants. However, in the wild, these creatures tend to survive on lizards, small insects, snakes, and other smaller rodents. The diet of a hamster should preferably contain 15 per cent protein and not more than 5 per cent fat. Generally, it is recommended that you should give commercial hamster pellets as the food options featuring all essential minerals and vitamins needed by these small beings. 

Commercial pellets for hamsters are known to deliver them a healthy and balanced diet with every possible bite. Moreover, this food intake also helps in preventing these creatures from choosing and picking whatever they like to eat. The best-suggested diet for a hamster features commercial hamster pellets in combination with a wide range of veggies, fruits, and seeds. 

Do Hamsters Require Supplements?

In case your pet’s diet is healthy and balanced, featuring fruits, veggies, and commercial pellets, and your pet lives in a clean environment and receives ample exercise, then there is no requirement for additional supplements. Some hamster owners prefer including additional supplements like vitamins. However, with the existence of a healthy lifestyle, there is no requirement for these supplements.

Leaving Pet for a Few Days

In case you are leaving your pet for some days –due to vacation or some other reason, you need to ensure that you leave your pet with an ample mixture of wet & dry food. To top it all, you also need to ensure that your hamster is left back with a full water bottle or other way to give your hamster water as well.

Some of the good sources of food that you can leave for your hammy to eat are pellets, grains, some pieces of cucumber, lettuce leaves, and a bottle full of water. 


Take important note of the food and water intake of your little pet. You need to deliver ample diet and good vibes to your pet to allow him to grow effectively and be happy. Make the most of your pet-sitting session to keep a record of the eating habits of the animal. This will help you prepare a proper feeding routine for the hamster. 

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