Can Hamsters Drink Out Of A Bowl? All You Should Know!

Hamsters are totally unpredictable pets. Different hamsters of the same breed can have entirely different personalities. As a responsible owner, you should always cater to your hamster’s needs. Does your hamster refuse to drink water out of its water bottle? Let’sLet’s find out if you can use a bowl instead or not.
Can Hamsters Drink Out Of A Bowl

Is it possible for our little furry friends to drink water out of a bowl? Yes, absolutely! Hamsters can drink water straight out of a bowl instead of water. In fact, this is a more natural way of drinking water for the hamsters. 

Not all hamsters appreciate the modern water bottle you attach to their cage. This is why keeping a bowl as an option is necessary for you. It is because the water, just like any other living being, is vital for the hamsters. Dehydration can cause several medical complications in hamsters. 

When Should You Consider Using A Bowl?

This is a very important question that you must ask yourself before going for a bowl. Water bottles for hamsters are made to bring ease to your life. 

You should only opt for a drinking bowl for your hamster if:

The Water Bottle Is Leaking

Hamsters naturally love inspecting everything around them. A water bottle is one of the most easily accessible components in the cage for your hamster. Although water bottles are technically designed, they can start leaking due to chewing or biting adventures. 

Place a water bowl for your hamster’s cage while you find ways to fix the leakage in the water bottle. As there is not any rocket science involved in drinking out of a bowl, your hamster won’t need any training

The Cage Doesn’t Come With a Water Bottle

Although it is rare that any good quality cage on the market doesn’t come with a standard water bottle, there’s a possibility. If you don’t get a water bottle with the cage you bought, place a water bowl temporarily.

Hamsters are sensitive animals. Low consumption of water can quickly lead to dehydration in hamsters. Hence, if you don’t want to pay hefty vet clinic bills, cater to the needs of your hamster properly.

Your Hamster Isn’t Drinking From Water Bottle 

Although this is not very common, some hamsters take time to learn how to drink from the water bottle. You cannot keep your hamster thirsty until he figures out using a water bottle. So, placing a bowl for his drinking needs while your hamster inspects the water bottle is your best bet.

Some hamsters never truly learn how to appropriately drink from a water bottle, so don’t wait for this.

Drinking From Water Bottle Is Noisy

Hamsters are nocturnal animals. They are awake when most of us are sleeping. If you are a light sleeper, the noise of your hamster drinking from the water bottle can easily wake you up. You can opt for a bowl for keeping your hamster away from the thirst if water bottle noise bothers you.

Don’t worry, as your hamster won’t mind this change in most cases. However, you will have a new job to do every day, and that is changing the water for your hamster every day.

Is Drinking From The Bowl Better For Hamsters?

It all depends upon you. If you change the water inside the bowl of your hamster, it is better than conventional bottles. Although water bottles save you from changing the water every day, this also has a drawback.

With time, bacterias start developing inside the water bottle and especially on the tip. This accumulation of bacteria can totally destroy the health of your hamster. But, if you can’t change the bowl’s water daily, it can be more dangerous than water bottles.

It is because the hamster won’t stop contaminating the water in the bowl with bedding and urine. 

What Kind Of Bowl Should You Choose?

If you have decided to go with the option of a bowl, learn what you should know before buying. There are two simple things that you have to look at in a bowl while purchasing it for your hamster:

  • It should not be deep
  • It should not have any sharp edges


The following questions that we found on the internet may cross your mind as well:

How Often Should You Clean a Hamster’s Drinking Water Bowl?

Everyday! Yes, you heard it right. Hamsters can be notorious and can contaminate the bowl very easily. The best rule of thumb is to clean your hamster’s drinking bowl every day. 

What Material Should You Choose For a Hamster’s Drinking Bowl?

Although plastic bowls come in a variety of appealing designs, they can have sharp edges. Therefore, we recommend you to go with the safe option that is bowls made up of glass.

Hamsters Drinking Out Of A Bowl Takeaway

As hamster owners, we want to provide what’s best for our hamster’s health. There are two groups of hamster owners. One believes that water bottles are the best way for your hamster to drink water. The other group states that drinking out of a bowl is a more natural way. We learned that both of these methods have their own pros and cons. 

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