How to Attach a Hamster Water Bottle to an Aquarium? – The Full Guide

Hamsters are cute, little beings that require proper care when you keep them as pets. Ensure that they are well-hydrated through a water bottle.
How to Attach Hamster Water Bottle to Aquarium

How to attach a hamster water bottle to an aquarium? – You can attach a hamster water bottle to the aquarium to ensure a regular supply of water. You can attach a string to the aquarium to ensure the connection

Attaching a Water Bottle to the Aquarium

Do you plan on getting a hamster? Well, keeping them in the water tank is the perfect way to ensure their safety, especially when they are too small to be left outside. Place a mesh on top of the aquarium to protect the hamster from insects.

It’s easy to feed your hamster in the water tank, but how do you give it water? You can’t take it out every few hours to ensure it drinks sufficient water to stay hydrated. That’s where the hamster water bottles come into the picture. You can attach these water bottles to the aquarium where you have put your hamster. 

Of course, you can use a water bowl, but that is not as safe and easy to access as a water bottle. Your hamster finds it easier to drink from the bottle, instead of having to bend repeatedly to drink from the bowl. Besides, it is easier to keep your house clean when you use a water bottle instead of a bowl. The open bowls attract insects, making them unsafe for your little friend.

The question is how do you hang the hamster water bottle in an aquarium. In this post, we will share with you a few tips for attaching the bottle easily to an aquarium or hamster cage. No matter where you have put your hamster, you can use these tips to attach a bottle to the tank so that they can drink water anytime they want and without any hassle. Let’s take a look at the tips:

Buy the Right Water Bottle

You can’t use the ordinary water bottle for a hamster. You should rather buy a water bottle for hamsters. Before that, take a look at the aquarium, note its size, and see if it has wire sides or solid sides. To fit the bottle perfectly into the aquarium, you need a bottle holder that can hold the bottle properly, making it easier for your little pet to drink from it. 

Both the bottle and its holder are available at pet stores, or you can find them online. Check the size of the holder and match it with the bottle’s size. You can buy a universal water bottle holder that fits your pet cage easily. You can fit the holder into the water bottle to let the hole at the bottom of the bottle poke out.

The holder comes with a movable tab, located at the back of any bottle. If you have a wire-sided aquarium, this tab can be moved both up and down. You can adjust it according to your pet’s height. Remember that the casual water bottle will not work. You need to purchase a bottle designed specifically for the pets so they can drink without any discomfort. 

Attaching the Holder to the Aquarium

If you are having any difficulty installing the water bottle on the hamster cage or aquarium, check out the instructions in the packaging of the holder. It has detailed instructions on how you can attach the water bottle to the aquarium. 

The above method was for wire-sided aquariums. If you are using a solid-sided aquarium, you can set the holder at the top. Once you are done attaching the bottle to the aquarium, remove the upper nozzle and fill the bottle. You can use the regular drinking water (it must be at room temperature). Put the nozzle back and there you go! Your water bottle is ready for the hamster. They can drink it whenever they are thirsty. Your hamster does not need any training to be able to locate the water bottle or drink from it. Just make sure the hole is poked out of the bottle so they can drink comfortably. 

In addition, check and set the nozzle of the water bottle downwards so your hamster can access it without any hassle. Grab the metal band located somewhere in the center of the holder and stretch it over the top of the bottle to secure it in place and prevent any unnecessary movement.

Check it Regularly

The best part about the water bottle holder is that it attaches the bottle to the aquarium or cage tightly and in an upright position. You don’t have to worry about the bottle getting dislodged, but it is best to monitor the bottle regularly. Do not forget to stretch the metal band over the top of the bottle. 

Once you have your hamster water bottle hung on the aquarium or attached to the cage, you can rest easy knowing that your little buddy will drink water whenever they are thirsty. If you are still facing any problem attaching the water bottle to the cage or an aquarium, you can call the supplier of the hamster water bottle for detailed instructions.


These were the easiest ways to secure your water bottle to the aquarium and let your hamster enjoy safe drinking water. Whether you have a wire-sided cage or a solid-sided one, you can always count on the water bottle holder for attaching your bottle to the cage securely. Hope these steps helped you attach your hamster water bottle to an aquarium easily.

Is it possible to hang a water bottle in an aquarium?

Yes, you can hang a water bottle in an aquarium using a bottle holder. The holder has the moveable tab at the back. You can use it to move the bottle up and down the wires and stretch the stretchable metal band to the top to secure it to the aquarium tightly. 

Can you put a water bottle in an aquarium? 

Yes, you can use a water bottle filled with safe tap water. It is totally fine to hang a water bottle in the aquarium. In fact, it is the best way to ensure that your hamster gets safe drinking water.

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