Can Hamsters Eat Yogurt? (Risks And Benefits Explained)

Hamsters hardly say no to any food, so you can’t leave the good or bad up to them. They will accept anything given to them without understanding the side effects. You can check this by putting anything infront of your hamster, and it will be gone in minutes. But, if the food item isn’t safe, your hamster can get sick in seconds because its fragile body will react to unfavorable food quickly. So, if you’ve never given yogurt to your hamster before, you need to do your research before feeding it to your hamster. Here you’ll find everything about feeding yogurt to your hamster.
Can Hamsters Eat Yogurt

Can hamsters eat yogurt? Luckily, YES! Hamsters can eat yogurt, but you have to check many things. Not all breeds can eat yogurt, such as dwarf hamsters, and all types of yogurt aren’t safe for your hamster. No additives or fruits should be added to the yogurt when you’re feeding it to your hamster. 

This quick answer won’t be enough for you if you’re extra protective of your pet. So, read on to find out the benefits, risks, and safe amount of yogurt you can feed your hamster!

Benefits of Yogurt for Hamsters 

Humans use yogurt for its plethora of benefits, which are the same for your hamster. Yogurt can improve the health of your hamster because it contains the following essential nutrients and vitamins: 


Probiotics refer to beneficial bacteria that can improve gut health. If you ensure the required amount of probiotics in your hamster’s diet, you can save it from digestive issues, which can sometimes prove fatal

Vitamin B 

Hamsters are active creatures, and they need good nutrition to stay active. Vitamin B plays an important role in your furry friend’s growth and keeps them active. 


Like humans, your hammy can also suffer from heart disease due to high blood pressure. Potassium is important to keep blood pressure low and protect your hamster from heart diseases. 


Hamsters naturally have strong teeth, but their diet also plays a role. To keep the bones and teeth of your hamster healthy, you must ensure proper calcium intake through their diet


Proteins are the building blocks of several structures of your hamster’s body. They keep the muscles strong and improve their overall health. 

Risks of Yogurt for Hamsters 

With benefits, you must be careful about the risks of yogurt that can occur for multiple reasons. Here are a few side effects associated with yogurt:

  • The high amount of bacteria in yogurt can lead to bloating.
  • Yogurt contains sugar, and if you don’t monitor the amount of yogurt your hamster eats, diabetes can occur due to high sugar intake. Your hamster will become obese, which can cause other chronic health conditions
  • If your hamster eats too much yogurt, it won’t be able to digest it properly, resulting in diarrhea

How Much Can Yogurt Hamsters Eat? 

The safe amount of yogurt varies depending upon the types of breeds. Not all breeds are the same, so their ability to digest and benefit from yogurt differs. For example, Syrian hamsters are big so they can have a teaspoon of yogurt each week. For Robo hamsters, the safe amount is less than a teaspoon per week. Dwarf hamsters are very small, so they should avoid yogurt because they can’t digest it well

Moderation is a golden rule that you should never forget. For this, you should also include other food items in your hamster’s diet to provide it with all the necessary nutrients for growth and survival


Can Hamsters Eat Greek Yogurt? 

Yes, hamsters can eat greek yogurt; in fact, it’s considered better than standard yogurt. Your hamster will get a high amount of calcium and protein from greek yogurt, which is essential for bone growth and body development. It also has a high amount of good gut bacteria that will protect your hamster from gastrointestinal problems. 

What Can You Feed To Your Hamster as Yogurt Alternative? 

If your hamster doesn’t like yogurt or it’s not safe for it due to any reason, you can replace it with dairy in their diet. Dairy is safe for your hammy until it doesn’t contain any preservatives or additional artificial ingredients. Always check the amount of sugar and fat in dairy products before feeding them to your hamster. 

Can Hamsters Eat Flavored Yogurt? 

No, hamsters can’t eat flavored yogurt. There are many types of flavored yogurts available that you would want to give to your hamster, but you shouldn’t do this. Most flavored yogurts have high sugar levels that are harmful to your furry buddy. Also, the flavorings can cause problems for your hamsters, so avoiding them is better. Stick to the standard yogurt only. 

Bottom Line Of Hamsters And Yogurt

Your hamster can eat yogurt, but you should only stick to the regular yogurt or greek yogurt. When fed in moderation, yogurt improves your hamster’s health and speeds up growth. The side effects can occur if you overfeed yogurt or your hamster’s breed can’t handle it. So, you need clear all of your safety concerns before including yogurt in your hamster’s diet! 

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