Can Hamsters Eat Peanuts, Or Should You Skip Them? A Quick Overview

Most of us love munching on salted and roasted peanuts every now and then. It is one of the best ways to deal with unwanted hunger. But what about our little furry friends? Can hamsters eat peanuts as well? This is what we will be discussing in today’s post, so stay tuned!
Can Hamsters Eat Peanuts

So, can hamsters eat peanuts or not? Yes, hamsters can enjoy pieces of peanuts as long as they are not salted. Where natural peanuts can be a great source of nutrients, salted peanuts are life-threatening. On top of that, excessive raw peanuts can also cause some serious health issues. Therefore, moderation is the key in this case.

You can’t resist when your hamster looks at you with a demanding face while you are enjoying your peanuts? Stop right there! Don’t let the idea of sharing peanuts with your hamster come near you. There are several factors that are discussed below that you must consider before feeding peanuts to hamsters.

Are Peanuts Safe For Hamsters?

Just like us humans, hamsters also love eating nuts. Even if you look into the wild lives of hamsters, you will come to know that they love hoarding nuts. This is because nuts are a great source of energy and also taste marvelous. 

However, some nuts cause more harm than good to our little furballs. Is peanut one of these nuts? No, peanuts are totally safe and nutritious for your hamster when fed in moderation. 

Just wait a minute before throwing those roasted peanuts toward your beloved pet. The statement we see above is only valid for unseasoned peanuts. Contrarily, any kind of seasoning added to the peanuts will make them forbidden for the hamsters.

So, are peanuts worth all of this risk? Let’s find out.

Benefits Of Peanuts For Hamsters

Just because seasoned especially salted peanuts, can cause severe damage to your hamster’s health, we cannot ignore the benefits of natural unseasoned peanuts. 

We all know that hamsters are quite active animals. To carry out their daily activities, they need energy. Peanuts are a great source of all-natural and beneficial energy

On top of that, peanuts also contain some essential vitamins like Vitamin B, niacin, and Vitamin E. All of these vitamins collectively improve the overall health of the hamsters.

Furthermore, even the shell of the peanuts Is beneficial for hamsters. Hamsters’ teeth never stop growing. Due to this reason, hamsters need something to chew on. A peanuts shell can serve as a great tool to keep a hamster’s teeth in the best shape.

If your hamster is choosy and you can’t decide on a treat for them, then peanuts can be a good choice. Almost all of the hamsters love munching on peanuts. 

Risks Of Feeding Peanuts To Hamsters

No doubt, peanuts can be a great source of energy for pets. However, the tricky part is that only a small amount of peanuts are beneficial. An excessive amount of peanuts can lead to severe health conditions? Confused? Let me explain:

First of all, peanuts contain loads of fats. The higher the amount of fat in the diet, the higher the chances of obesity. Obesity limits the physical movement of pets and shortens their lifespan. Therefore you should always be cautious regarding the number of peanuts you feed your hamster.

Moreover, high-fat content can also lead to heart diseases in hamsters. It is a serious problem because hamsters with heart problems don’t live long

Now the part I have been talking about since the beginning, seasoned peanuts. Hamsters cannot deal with dehydration as we humans can. And nothing causes more dehydration than salt in hamsters. Hence for the sake of your hamster’s life, don’t share salted peanuts with him. 

The same goes for seasoned peanuts. Hamsters don’t even go near spices in the wild. It is because their stomachs are not designed to digest those spices. 


Can Hamsters Eat Peanut Butter?

Yes, as long as no additives are added to it. Additionally, peanut butter contains a considerable amount of oil which is not suitable for the hamsters. Therefore, the amount of peanut butter you feed to your hamster shouldn’t be greater than a pea. Furthermore, you should avoid feeding peanut butter to your hamster more than once.

How many peanuts should you feed your hamster?

No more than 3 to 4 pieces per week. This amount is for the Syrian hamsters, which are the biggest breed of all. If you have a smaller hamster, decrease the number of peanuts accordingly.

Hamsters And Peanuts In A Nutshell

You might be aware that hamsters are omnivore animals. It means that they can technically eat a variety of food. This list also includes a good number of nuts. Peanuts are one of these nuts. 

However, you should take precautions while feeding peanuts to your pet. It is because peanuts contain a high amount of fat. It could lead to obesity and heart diseases in hamsters. Other than that, you should also avoid salted peanuts at any cost. Salted peanuts can cause severe dehydration in hamsters.

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