Can Hamsters Eat Hay? Explaining All The Risks

Have you recently brought a hamster home and want to know the perfect food to feed? Being a member of the rodent family, you might try to give hay to your hamster. But, can hamsters eat hay like other rodents? Read on to find an answer to this and many related queries in this post.
Can Hamsters Eat Hay

Can hamsters eat hay – Yes, hamsters can eat hay, and it’s completely safe for them. But, if you want to make hay their primary food, they may not like this very much. They don’t need hay as their primary food item. However, they can eat hay if you provide their regular food as per their requirement. 

As you know, hamsters only consider hay a treat or secondary food item. You need to know many things before feeding it to your hamster. Hamsters may not always eat hay and can chew it to get the nutritional benefits from the hay. Moreover, all hamsters can’t eat hay because they might not like the taste. Continue reading to know the different types of hay that you can give to your hamster. 

Types of Hay Your Hamster Can Eat 

There are many types of hay, and all of them are not considered safe for hamsters. You have to be selective while choosing hay for your hamster. It’s vital to ensure that you don’t feed him anything that can harm him by creating different health issues

The safe hay types for hamsters are meadow hay, alfalfa, and timothy hay. These are considered the best, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give other types of hay to your hamster. The simplest definition of hay is dried grass. It can be formed by drying different herbs for many days.

To give your hamster a good treat in the form of hay, you can dry his favorite herbs and give them to your hamster. The safe dried herbs for hamsters include marigold, daisy, wheat, clover, and chamomile. 

Health Benefits of Hay for Hamsters 

Your hamster doesn’t get many benefits from eating hay. Most of the nutrients present in the hay are destroyed while drying. The biggest benefit of giving hay to hamsters is an improved digestive function. The high amount of fiber present in hay helps hamsters have a healthy digestive tract and fewer digestive problems. 

With better digestion, your hamster can maintain weight to safe limits without much exercise. If your hamster’s digestion isn’t proper, weight can increase quickly due to slower metabolism. An increase in weight is associated with the development of various health issues in hamsters. 


The following are some FAQs related to hamster’s relationship with hay that might be helpful:

Does Hay Have Any Harmful Effects on Hamsters? 

No, hay doesn’t have any harmful effects on hamsters. You can feed hay to your hamster if he likes this treat. The only thing that can create a problem is the large hay pieces. Then, it will become difficult for your hamster to chew and digest them. So, keeping the size small that your hamster can easily consume is recommended. 

Is Hay Safe as Hamster’s Bedding? 

Yes, hay is safe as hamsters’ bedding. But you have to ensure that it has proper airflow and doesn’t contain dust. Hamsters love anything as bedding that is soft and comfortable to lay. If you want to use hay as hamster bedding, buy it from a reputable pet producer. If you get it from a farm, some chemicals may be present in it that can harm your hamster. 

Is Hay Safe For Hamsters Answered 

While feeding anything to your hamster for the first time, you have to ensure that it’s safe for your little furry friend. Hay is considered a safe food for hamsters because it improves digestive health. Be careful regarding the amount of hay you give to your hamster and the size of the hay pieces! 

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