Can Hamsters Eat Mangoes? A Detailed Overview

Just like humans, hamsters also cannot eat the same food every day. They need to have different kinds of food to fulfill their cravings. You should give them special treatment by feeding them fresh vegetables and different fruits like mangoes! Now, the question of concern is, should hamsters eat mangoes?
Can Hamsters Eat Mangoes

Are mangoes good for hamsters? Can hamsters eat mangoes? A simple answer to this question is, Yes! Hamsters can eat mangoes, and it is as good and beneficial for them as for humans. 

But! To be a good pet parent, you must know that everything has its pros and cons, and so does mango. To learn more about mangoes and hamsters, read ahead.

Mango Nutritional Facts And Stats

Before we jump on to the benefits and risks of feeding mango to your hamsters, here is a quick table having nutritional facts and stats about mango for you:

Nutritional Facts

Vitamin E8 mg
Vitamin B60.2 mg
Vitamin C46 mg
Vitamin A1262 IU
Copper0.2 mg
Folate23 mcg
Vitamin K9 mcg
riboflavin0.1 mg
potassium257 mg
thiamine0.1 mg
Nutritional Facts Of Mango

Nutritional Stats

Fiber3 g
Carbohydrates28 g
Fat0.4 g
Calories107 g
Protein1 g
Nutritional Stats Of Mango

Benefits Of Mango

The nutrients present in mango are not beneficial for humans only. It is equally helpful for your tiny hamster. The fiber present in mango is healthy for your hamster’s digestive system and prevents stomach diseases. Vitamin C and other minerals are beneficial as they are good for a healthy immune system. 

Not just this, the nutrients in mango are also good for eye health and maintaining cholesterol levels in hamsters as they begin to age. Vitamin K in mango promotes faster healing from wounds and prevents problems like blood clotting. While the antioxidants in mango prevent aging issues, vitamin E supports healthy skin among hamsters.

Dangers Of Feeding Mango To Hamsters 

Feeding mango to your hamster is not generally dangerous, but knowing the possible risks just makes it better. First of all, provide a little piece of mango (as little as a raisin) and keep your pet under observation for the next 12 hours. If he is okay, then there is no problem, but if your pet shows signs of bloating, diarrhea, or other such symptoms, it means that mango doesn’t suit him. Other issues that can occur in hamsters after eating mangoes are:

  • Diabetes– Mangoes are rich in sugar and can cause diabetes if given more often.  
  • Digestive Problem– The acid present in mango might be hard for the hamster to digest. Also, make sure to keep the skin and seed of the mango away from the hamster.
  • Obesity–  Consuming mango can also cause obesity in hamsters which invites many other diseases. It can shorten the life span of hamsters as well.  

Keep these dangers in mind, but the chances of them occurring will be equal to zero if mango is just a 9% part of their weekly diet.

How To Feed Hamsters Mango?

Although you can simply cut the mango into tiny cubes and serve it to your hamster, there are some other ways to feed mangoes as well.

Ensure to properly wash the mango before you feed it to the hamster. Secondly, make sure the mango is fresh and not rotten. Always peel it off and remove the seed. Following are some alternatives to feeding mangoes to your hamster:

Mango Smoothie- Blend banana, coconut milk, and mango slices altogether, and that is it. Yes! It was this simple. Once the smoothie is ready, give a spoonful to your hamster and treat yourself to the rest. As the fruits are already sweet, don’t add sugar.  

Dried Mango- Dried mango is indeed a crunchy and crispy treat. Your hamster will love the crunchy sound when he bites it. One small piece would be enough for their little tummy. Also, make sure that the product doesn’t have any added sugar.


Can hamsters eat oranges?

No, although oranges cause no such harm to hamsters. But, since oranges are citrus fruits and are high- acidic, it is better not to feed oranges to your hamsters.  

Can we give mango juice to hamsters?

No, mango juice or any juice should not be given to hamsters as it is not nutritious. If you want to provide a liquid treatment to your little furry buddy a liquid treat, you can feed smoothies to him. But make sure to try with a small amount at first.

Hamsters And Mangoes Wrapped Up

Mango cause no harm to hamsters and can be given to them. However, it is better to provide a small amount and feed them often if it suits them. Mango is rich in sugar, so the amount of mango given to hamsters should be small.

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