Can Hamsters Eat Eggs? An Interesting Overview

Who came first, chicken or egg? This remains a mystery to this date. However, today we have come up with an answer to a more important question that is, can hamsters eat eggs? First-time hamster owners often ask this question. Owing to the fact that hamsters are omnivores, hamsters eating eggs shouldn’t be a problem at all, right? Let’s find out.
Can Hamsters Eat Eggs

So, can hamsters eat eggs? Absolutely Yes! It is totally safe for the hamsters to eat eggs. In fact, animal nutritionists suggest you feed eggs to your hamster at regular intervals. Though commercial pellets do contain protein, the amount is too low. Therefore, eggs, as they are rich in protein, are advised for the hamsters. 

Sometimes first-time hamster owners totally forget that their cute little pets are omnivores. Being omnivores mean that protein is a significant part of their balanced diet. You can fulfill this protein need by feeding eggs to your hamster. But are there any side effects? Let’s learn together.

Should You Feed Eggs To Hamsters?  

Yes! In fact, feeding an egg to your hamster should be a part of your routine. The commercial pet food we feed to our hamsters does contain protein, but it’s not sufficient. Hamsters need a good amount of protein regularly to lead a healthy life. And eggs which are under consideration can be an excellent source for it. 

Therefore, once every week, you should take out time to feed the egg to your hamster. 

Benefits Of Feeding Eggs To The Hamsters:

The eggs are not only a good source of protein, but they are also loaded with several other nutrients. Let’s dive deep into the benefits of feedings eggs to the hamsters:

Packed With Calcium

It’s basic science that calcium is good for both bones and teeth. The same concept implies to our little furry friends. Calcium plays a vital role in keeping your hamster’s bones and ever-growing teeth strong.

Our breakfast sweetheart eggs boast a good amount of calcium. Therefore, you should regularly feed chunks of eggs to your hamster, especially when your hamster is growing old

Loaded With Antioxidants 

Everyone wishes to live with their hamsters like forever, but this is not possible. However, if you take care of them appropriately, they can have a longer life span. The thing that slows down the hamster’s aging process is antioxidants. 

The good news is that the eggs contain a reasonable number of antioxidants. These antioxidants filter the blood and improve the overall health of your hamster. On that account, you shouldn’t forget about feeding eggs to your hamster on and off. 

Filled With Iron

Just like in humans, iron plays an essential role in maintaining blood levels in hamsters’ bodies. There are several other benefits of feeding something that contains iron to your hamster. Anemia, common in hamsters, can be prevented simply by feeding eggs. 

It is because the eggs are filled with loads of iron, making them an ideal diet.

Tons Of Protein 

The most prominent benefit of eggs is the quantity of protein they contain. Eggs are literally the most easily digestible protein source for hamsters. Hamsters being omnivores, need a constant supply of protein to keep functioning normally. Primarily, they get this protein from the hamster food we feed them.

The twist is that these commercial pellets contain a minimal amount of protein. This amount is too low to meet the requirements of your pet’s body. Therefore, I advise all the hamster parents to feed eggs to their pets at least fortnightly. 

Risks Of Feeding Eggs To Hamsters

Knowing the risks of feeding eggs to hamsters is as crucial as learning about the benefits. Although you will find eggs mostly in the good books, however, they could also pose some serious threats. It only happens when you exceed the safe limit of feeding eggs to the hamster.

Following are some of the most prominent risks of feeding eggs to the hamsters:

Obesity- Due to high amounts of fat, feeding eggs poses a high chance of leading to obesity.

Heart Issues- As mentioned earlier, eggs are loaded with fats. Excessive feeding can result in heart issues.

Choking- Eggs are somewhat sticky in nature. Therefore they can stick in your pet’s throat and cause choking.

Nutritional Imbalance- When you feed too many eggs to your hamster, no room for other essential nutrients is left. 


How Many Eggs Can My Robo Hamster Eat?

Robo hamsters are one of the most miniature breeds of hamsters. Animal nutritionists suggest feeding no more than a teaspoon of egg to Robo hamsters. 

Can You Feed Eggshells To Hamsters? 

Eggshells can be an excellent source of calcium for your beloved pet. You might be well aware that calcium plays a crucial role in keeping bones and teeth in the best shape. The same implies to the hamsters. Just make sure that you turn eggshells into powder before feeding to avoid any injuries. 

Hamsters and Eggs In a Nutshell

You have to take every step very carefully when it comes to the feed of hamsters. Hamsters are pretty sensitive animals, and small mistakes can cause enormous damage to them. Considering that hamsters are omnivores, you should feed them eggs at regular intervals. 

However, ensure that you follow guidelines always while feeding eggs. Because an excess of eggs can pose some serious life threats to the hamsters. 

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