Can Hamsters Eat Chicken? A Must Read

Chicken is one of the most consumed meat-based products in the world. It is included in our fast food to our pet’s commercial food. Chicken is so common in our daily life that it would be hardly a day in which we wouldn’t encounter any chicken-based product. Consequently, if you have a pet hamster, you may have wondered whether I can give a little piece of chicken to my little hamster or not. So, let’s figure this out together!
Can Hamsters Eat Chicken

Do you love eating chicken? Wondering if your hamster can eat it as well? Yes, you can give the chicken to your hammy but in a restricted amount. Chicken is perfectly safe for your hamster means it is not toxic in any way for your pet. As you would already know that your hammy is an omnivore, they eat lizards, insects, frogs, and other animal-based proteins. Hence it would be perfectly normal for them to have chicken. However, domesticated hamsters are not that tough to digest anything like their wild cousins. You have to compensate them with the amount and frequency.

Now, we know that chicken is safe for hamsters but is that all? No, before adding chicken to the hamster’s bowl, read this article until the end.  

Benefits of Feeding Chicken to Your Hamster 

Chicken is considered the best source of lean protein available at our disposal. Additionally, it doesn’t contain any sugar and carbs. Therefore, chicken is essentially protein. That is why it is considered one of the best protein sources for hamsters, as it is sugar and fat-free. Chicken is also a good source of Vitamin B, Iron, and Potassium which are essential nutrients for the formation and development of body tissues.

Food that constitutes high lean protein helps hamsters to get enough protein without adding too many calories to the diet. Since hamsters are obesity-prone animals, especially dwarf hamsters, therefore chicken is considered a beneficial source of protein for hamsters. Furthermore, after having a chicken treat, they would not feel hungry. Hence few grams of chicken are a complete meal for your hammy.

Guidelines and Risks Associated with Feeding Chicken to Hamsters

Don’t feed your hamster raw chicken to prevent your little hammy friend from food-borne diseases like diarrhea. Always give them boiled or baked chicken. However, if you compare, boiled chicken is more favorable as it retains more nutrients than baked one. Avoid giving your hammy dark meat or chicken skin because they encompass a high level of fat and calories, therefore unfavorable for hamsters.

Always serve plain white chicken to your pet.

Never let them eat chicken bones. Do not feed seasoned or marinated chicken because it can be highly toxic for your hamster, so always offer boiled, baked, or roasted plain white chicken to your hamster to keep her safe from any adversity.

Lastly, prepare a chicken treat for your hammy at home to keep your hammy safe from the adverse effects of preservatives.

How Much Should Chicken be Fed to The Hamster?

It would be best if you always started small. Give your hamster a little chunk for the first time, just enough to taste. As soon as your hamsters become used to chicken, you can feed them a quarter tablespoon of chicken 1-3 times a week to her.

Additionally, the size of hamsters and the amount and frequency also depend upon whether she has been fed any other protein-based food like grains, fish, or eggs on that day. If yes, then you should cut the amount of chicken to maintain the balance.

Remember, you should give chicken as a treat to the hamsters since it is not part of her natural diet. As a hamster’s body is not evolved to eat chicken, therefore, it should not be considered an indispensable part of her diet. If your hamster has any previous medical record, you should always consider consulting with a vet before introducing any addition to her diet. 


What are the Alternatives of Chicken for Hamsters?

There are many other sources of protein that can be fed to the hamsters, including beans, pea, oats, and wheat. However, a balance must be maintained so that your hammy can enjoy good health.

Can Hamster Eat Ham?

No, hamsters can’t have pork because it has too much fat that can be fatal for your hammy since they are prone to obesity. It can also increase the risk of diabetes and can lead to other cardiovascular complications. 

Chicken And Hamsters Wrapped Up 

As we discussed, your hamster can have a chicken treat but in a restrained amount and frequency. You should also be aware that domesticated hamsters are more fragile and far more sensitive than wild ones; hence, you have to engineer their diet in a way that should benefit them instead of harming them. The only way to do it is to offer your pet a balanced diet.

A balanced diet constitutes all essential nutrients required for the average growth of an organism, and in the case of your pet, it should comprise high-quality commercial food, fresh fruits and veggies, and some dry fruits and meat. If you are facing any trouble finding the right combination, we recommend you consult with a vet.

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