Why Is My Hamster Squeaking? Reasons And Best Solutions

Getting a hamster for the first time is literally a lifetime experience. You get to learn a lot of things. The key to keeping your hamster lies in learning and understanding their needs and actions. These actions include making different kinds of sounds. This includes squeaking. Does the squeaking of your hamster worry you? Let’s find out why do they make this sound.
Why Is My Hamster Squeaking

Just brought a hamster, and it is squeaking? Don’t know why this is happening? Well, there could be several reasons behind this behavior. It is hard to judge if something’s wrong or not because hamsters squeak when they are sad and also when they are happy. The best possible way to access it is by noticing the frequency of the sound.

Hamsters are none like any other animal that you can keep as a pet. There are several behaviors of the hamsters that will make no sense to you. It is why to be a responsible hamster owner, keep learning facts about your cute little pet. 

Reasons Behind Hamster’s Squeaking

Although hamsters are mostly termed as quiet animals, they can produce several sound squeaking being on of them. You will be surprised to know that hamsters can even scream

Following are the possible reasons behind the squeaking sound of your hamster:

He Is Scared

Hamsters are very faint-hearted creatures. The slightest change in hamsters’ environment can make them depressed or sad. Squeaking is their way of expressing that something is not right. If you have recently brought your hamster and he is making squeaking sounds, he is probably scared. 

Most of the young hamsters that come to the owner’s home remain scared for the first few weeks. Hence, usually, they will cry in the form of squeaking to indicate that they are scared. 

To Demand Attention

After some time, your hamster starts sharing a reliable bond with you. They will look at you for all kinds of needs and wants. Hamsters may squeak to tell you that they are hungry or frustrated due to any reason. Moreover, they can also squeak when they are striving for your physical affection. 

If It Is In Trouble

Hamsters are known for inspecting everything they can interact with and exploring their surroundings. The urge of exploration sometimes puts your hamster in trouble, and then they will communicate with you by squeaking. 

Therefore, as a responsible hamster owner, you should always check on your hamster if you hear him squeaking.

Suffering From Pain

As mentioned earlier, hamsters are very energetic animals. Their diets are based on high-energy food like nuts. For that reason, you will always find them busy doing something. As hamsters are always up to something, they often get themselves injured.

To express that they are injured or are in pain, hamsters will make squeaking sounds to alert you. 

If She Is On Heat

Although this doesn’t happen in the case of all the female hamsters, this could also be a reason. 

Virgin young female hamsters will squeak when they are on heat. To check if this is a case, look for the estrus cycle’s excretions in the cage. 

If you find any mucus-like thing in your hamster’s cage, understand that she was squeaking because she was on heat.

If It Is Happy

Yes! You read it right. Hamsters also squeak when they are happy and contented with their life. To praise their luxurious life, hamsters produce squeaking sounds. So, you don’t necessarily need to worry after hearing squeaking from your hamster’s cage. 

However, it is best to check at least once if your hamster squeaks as they could be in trouble.

Solutions For Hamster’s Squeaking

Now, as you know what motivates your hamster to squeak, let’s jump to the solutions:

Give Them Attention

This is the best thing you can do to keep your hamster contended with its life. If the hamster is pleased with its surroundings, you won’t have to hear squeaking, especially that cry-for-help type of squeaking.

Regularly check if your hamster is finishing all of its food on time. See if they show any signs of illness or depression. This will help you stay connected with your hamster. 

Provide Them Good Accessories

Many hamster owners don’t realize the importance of different accessories in their pet’s life. 

Ensure that your hamster has some good accessories to keep him entertained while you are busy.


The following questions related to hamsters’ squeaking will help you understand your furry friend more clearly:

How To Differentiate Between Sad And Happy Squeaking?

The best way is by observing the frequency of squeaking. If you hear the squeaking of your hamster once or twice, there is nothing to worry about. If the hamster is constantly squeaking, then something’s definitely wrong.

Do Hamsters Squeak For Communicating With Other Hamsters?

Yes, in most cases, young hamsters can only produce one sound, and that is squeaking. So, they use this ability to tell other hamsters if they are happy, scared, or angry.

Final Thoughts On Hamsters’ Squeaking

Hamsters are definitely on the top of the cute pet list. However, understanding these irresistible, adorable little creatures can be tough sometimes. Understanding what do their actions mean can help you become a better hamster parent. 

In this thread, we learned multiple reasons behind the squeaking of hamsters. These reasons included fear, the need for attention, pain, and happiness. 

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