What Are Fun Things For Hamsters To Do – Keeping Your Hamster Entertained

Hamsters are adorable, and there is no argument in that. However, sometimes this cuteness can make you sad. It is when you see that they don’t have anything to do. When a hamster doesn’t have any activity to take part in, they become bored and depressed. No one likes to see their beloved pet getting depressed. It is why we came up with the best ways to keep your hammy entertained.
Fun Things For Hamsters To Do

Hamsters are born adventurers. They won’t miss any opportunity for exploring and entertainment. They can indulge themselves in several activities like running on the wheel, burrowing, and racing through the tunnels. There are also some fun things that you can do for your hamster. For instance, you can provide them with a hamster ball and take them out. 

Some people buy hamsters, thinking that these little critters don’t need much attention. It is a totally wrong perception. Hamsters are very sensitive animals, and lack of care can destroy them mentally and physically.

Fun Things Hamsters Like To Do

Providing food supplies to their pets on time is enough for some people. However, this is not the truth. Hamsters also need the entertainment and interaction of their owners to stay healthy.  

Here are some of the things that your hamsters love doing:


Reports say that hamsters run around 5 miles per night in their natural habitats. Considering the size of the hamsters, 5 miles per night is a lot. It clearly states that hamsters’ bodies are designed for vigorous physical activity.

Moreover, zoologists who studied hamsters’ behavior concluded that hamsters also love running. Hence, running not only keep your hamster’s body in shape, but it also keeps him in shape. 

What Should You Do?

In the wild, hamsters are not restricted by anything but the fear of predators. However, in the case of pet hamsters, they are confined to very limited space. The best thing you can do to help your hamster meet its physical needs is to get them a high-quality running wheel

Typically, running wheels come with most of the hamster cages. However, their quality is not up-to-the-mark. Getting a superior quality after-market running wheel is your best bet.  


Chewing is another thing that comes naturally to hamsters. The growth of your hamsters’ teeth and nails never stops. They not only chew on things for fun but for also to keep their grinders sharp. Hamsters love chewing so much that you will sometimes even see them chewing on the wires of the cage. 

What Should You Do?

We love our hamsters and can do anything for them. Now you know that chewing is crucial for your hamster’s mental and physical health. You should plan on getting several chewing toys to save him from boredom. 

Organic chewing toys are the best as they don’t have any adverse effects on your hamster’s health.


If you study the history of hamsters, you will learn that these little critters are natural burrowers. 

They love digging holes and building nests in their bedding. As hamsters live alone in the wild, they indulge themselves in several activities. These activities keep their body in the best shape and also keep them away from getting bored.

What Should You Do?

You should focus on the material you are providing to your hamster for bedding. In addition, bedding should be deep enough so your hamster can make a nest in it easily. 

Other Fun Things You Can Do For Your Hamster

Just like humans, entertainment is very important for the mental health of your hamster as well. Here are some things that will bring pure joy to your hamster’s life:

Hiding Treats

Just like you and me, hamsters also love treats. However, the proportion of treats in a hamster’s diet should be very low. A balanced diet is a guarantee for your hamster’s long and healthy life. But, who says that providing treats can’t be fun?

Simply hide treats at the different corners of your hamster’s cage. It will make him forage and keep his mind occupied. 

Providing Rope Nets

Although hamsters are not natural climbers, they don’t mind trying as well. Many hamster owners state that their hamsters enjoy climbing on the rope nets even more than running on the wheel. Therefore, add a rope net to your must’ve accessories list.  


The following questions will help you take care of your hamster’s mental health in a better way:

How To Make Photoshoots Fun For The Hamsters?

We love taking pictures of our hamsters. However, they don’t seem to appreciate our fabulous clicks. You can simply turn the situation upside down by adding treats to the scene. After that, your hamster will definitely love photoshoots. 

Can You Teach Your Hamster Tricks?

Yes, you can tame hamsters, but the whole process takes a considerable amount of time. The method is almost the same as taming dogs or cats but a little longer. 

Keeping Your Hamster Entertained Summed Up

As loving hamster owners, we all want the best for our hamsters. Savvy hamster owners focus on the mental health of their pets along with taking care of their physical health. There are a lot of simple things that can elevate the mood of your hamster to a whole new level.

You simply have to learn what does your hamster love doing. These things include running, burrowing, chewing, and having treats. Come up with the creative ideas to provide all of this to your hamster, and he will be more than happy. 

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