Do Hamsters Go to Heaven?

"Do hamsters go to heaven" is an obvious question to cross your mind your beloved hamster is severely ill or dies. To know the answer, read on! 
Do Hamsters Go To Heaven

Either hamsters or any other animal, the death of the pets is an unfortunate event for the pet owner. Over time, pet owners develop an emotional attachment with their pets. The demise of their pets doesn’t feel less than losing a family member. 

Like you wish heaven for a family member after his death, you’ll wish the same for your hamster too. You’ll want him to see in a better place. But unfortunately, there isn’t a clear answer to this question. 

Many blogs don’t discuss the query due to the differences in religious beliefs. Moreover, there isn’t any clear answer to this question in any religion. So, people often refrain from talking about this. But, for a hamster’s owner, it’s impossible to stop thinking about it after his hamster dies. 

This article contains the perspectives of different religions about the position of hamsters in heaven. So, let’s find out if your hamster will go to heaven or not when he dies.

Do Hamsters Go to Heaven – Judaism’s Perspective 

In Judaism, there is no clear answer to this question that will animals, including hamsters, will go to heaven or not. Rabbit Scott White said: 

“God reserves a blessed existence for the truly virtuous.” 

It’s often linked with pets, including hamsters. Animals don’t commit sins like humans do and are innocent souls who deserve to be in heaven. However, there is not much evidence on this idea of hamsters going to heaven in Judaism. 

Do Hamsters Go to Heaven – Islam’s Perspective 

Like Judaism, in Islam, too, there isn’t any saying with solid evidence that hamsters will go to heaven. But there isn’t anything that says the opposite, too, means hamsters can’t go to heaven. So, you may or may not see your hamster in heaven. 

There are two groups in Islam when it comes to the question that do hamsters go to heaven. One Muslim scholar group believes that animals can’t live in heaven, as it’s a holy place made for humans only. They quote the following verse: 

“Allaah will judge between His creation, jinn, humans, and animals. On that Day, the score will be settled between the hornless and the horned until there are no outstanding issues left, then Allah will say, ‘Be dust!’ At the point, the kaafir will say, ‘Would that I were dust!'”

According to this verse, on the day of the Judgement, animals will be turned to dust. The animals that Islam mentions will go to heaven include: 

  1. Prophet Abraham’s calf
  2. The ram slaughtered instead of prophet Ismail
  3. The camel, which was a miracle of Prophet Saleh
  4. The fish which swallowed prophet Jonah
  5. Prophet Moses’s cow
  6. Prophet Uzair’s donkey
  7. Prophet Solomon’s ant
  8. Bilqis hoopoe bird
  9. Seven Sleepers’ dog named Oitmir
  10. Prophet Muhammad’s camel named Qaswa

Hamsters are not directly mentioned anywhere. But there is a bit of comfort for Muslims on the question that do hamsters go to heaven because of the love Prophet Muhammad had for animals. At many places, Quran says to treat animals with love and affection. Quran mentions a story of Prophet Muhammad’s love for his cat. It says that once Prophet Muhammad’s cat slept on him and he cut his robe’s sleeve for not waking up his cat.  

This shows Islam’s love for animals. So, you can hope to see your hamster in heaven in Islam. 

Do Hamsters Go to Heaven – Christianity’s Perspective 

Like any other religion, Christianity also doesn’t address this question, “do hamsters go to heaven?” directly. Like Muslim scholars, many Christian scholars also believe that heaven is only for humans, and animals can’t be there. 

However, it’s a major concept in Christianity that God can do miracles, and a heaven is a place of eternal peace and joy. So, if your hamster makes you happy, you can expect your hamster in heaven according to this concept. The book of Palms mentions that: 

“No good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly.” 

So, in Christianity, you can believe that your hamster will go to heaven because it makes you happy. 

How to Comfort a Dying Hamster? 

Death is inevitable. No matter how much you love your hamster, you’ll have to be prepared to lose him to death. While you’re not sure if your hamster will go to heaven or not, but you can make his last days comfortable. Obviously, you won’t want to see your pet dying in an uncomfortable environment. Here are some things that you can do to comfort a dying hamster: 

  1. Keep the temperature of the surroundings in check. When hamsters are sick or get old, they find it hard to adjust their body temperature. 
  2. Provide him clean and calm sleeping space. Hamsters don’t like noisy places anytime. So, when your hamster is dying, you have to be more careful. 
  3. When a hamster is dying, there is a lack of appetite and thirst. Their bodies lose the feeling of hunger or thirst in this condition. If you feel that your hamster isn’t eating or drinking anything, look for ways to make it easy for him. You can offer him his favorite treats. Also, you can try interactive food and water bowls to make him active in his surroundings. 

With these little efforts, you can ensure that your hamster leaves this world comfortably. 

Bottom Line 

Pet owners love their pets, and they want the best for them in this life and hereafter. It’s not unusual to think about your hamster’s death as you love him, so it can make you afraid of losing him. But, before you think of the best for your hamster after death, heaven, make this world a better place for him. Although a hamster’s life span is short, you can make many happy memories with your hamsters. These happy moments will keep you going after losing your hamster until you meet him again.  

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