How Long Can Hamsters Go Without A Wheel?

Can Hamsters Go Without A Wheel

A hamster wheel, aka a running wheel, is a type of exercise device for rodents like hamsters. It’s designed for different kinds of rodents, such as hamsters. These devices feature a runged wheel that is set on a stand through one or two stub axles. The good thing about these devices is that they allow hamsters to run even in confined spaces. Since hamsters are born to run, they tend to love exercise wheels (though sometimes, they might love it a little too much). But the question is, do hamsters really need these wheels? Can they survive without one? How long can they go without one? Let’s answer these questions.

Hamsters In their natural habitat

Both dwarf and Syrian hamsters can cover miles of distance in their natural habit at night. They come out of their burrows after the sun goes down. and they start their search for food and the material they need for nesting. And they cover miles of distances during these adventures.

Hamsters have a natural scavenger instinct, which is why they have a high energy level. So, you must allow them to satisfy this instinct through a hamster wheel.

Why Do Hamsters Love To Use Running Wheels?

Hamster wheels allow these tiny creatures to cover miles of distance running inside a small cage. Although most cages for these cuties have a small surface area, they can use an exercise wheel to release their energy.

Hamsters love to run as it satisfies their natural behavior and helps them reduce their boredom when they are in a cage. After all, they can’t manage their stress with a couple of toys. Like us, these rodents must burn calories to keep their weight in control.

Will my hamster be okay without a wheel?

If you are a pet owner, make sure that your pet does plenty of exercise. With a regular pet such as a dog, you can get out for a walk or play fetch with it. However, you might be wondering how you can help your hamster exercise on a daily basis.

But what if you don’t allow your pet to exercise? Will it be okay without a wheel? Since hamster wheels offer a lot of health and mental benefits, experts don’t recommend that you remove one from their cage.

You must allow your pet to exercise so that it can enjoy maximum lifespan. So, we suggest that you do your homework when purchasing a hamster wheel. Don’t forget to consider the size and species of your hamster before making a choice.

Hamster wheels can create a healthy environment in the cage for your pet. This device can help them prevent several health issues such as boredom and opacity.

What happens if you take away a hamster’s wheel?

Since hamsters love their wheels, they will get really frustrated if you take away the wheel for a day or night. Boredom and frustration will make this rodent go nuts in a few days. Once your hamster gets used to this device, there is no way for them to turn back.

Too much stress is bad for the health of this cute pet. So, we don’t recommend separating your hamster from its running wheel.

Can hamsters survive without a wheel?

The short answer is yes. But you shouldn’t take out the wheel from your hamster’s cage without going through the detailed answer. First of all, your hamster will get a lot of benefits from running in the wheel even if they don’t seem to use this device much.

Most hamsters use running wheels in the evening or at night. However, you can remove the wheel for a day or two to see how your pet reacts. If it doesn’t show unusual behavior, you may choose not to replace the wheel. But if it shows signs of frustration, you should put it back in the cage.  Why would you bother your cute, little rodent?

But there are some exceptions to this rule. Removing the wheel is a good idea in some cases. For instance, if your hamster is on the way to recovery after an injury or illness, you can take out the wheel to allow your pet to get better. Overuse of the wheel may cause the injury or illness to get worse. Ideally, you may get your pet a quiet, easy to clean but cost-effective wheel

These wheels may be a little more expensive, but the extra dollars are worth it.

Can hamsters go a night without a wheel?

Although you can take out that noisy running wheel from the cage at night, we won’t recommend it. Leaving your cute, little hamster without its favorite exercise device may have dire consequences. It will be bad for its mood and health. Regular exercise is vital for your furry animal’s physical and mental health.

Hamsters with serious health issues don’t survive much longer. In fact, hamsters with diarrhea may die within two to three days. So, don’t remove the wheel unless you have a solid reason to do so.

Will hamsters die without a wheel?

This question can add to the worry of most pet owners. Since hamsters are curious, energetic, and inquisitive little creatures, they need to keep themselves busy and burn those extra calories. If you don’t get your pet a running wheel, your pet will get bored, frustrated, and stressed. As a result, it may die a premature death.

Therefore, keeping your pet occupied with a hamster wheel is a stroke of genius. After all, you don’t want your pet to suffer because of you.


So, you can see it’s almost essential to get a hamster wheel placed in your rodent’s cage. You have no idea how much your pet can benefit from using this little device. Make sure that the device is safe for your hamster. You may consider the size and species of your pet and then go for one made from durable plastic.
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