Can Hamsters Eat Raisins? All You Need To Know

Who doesn’t loves dry fruits? Everyone! Right? Yes, including all the hamster owners. We hamster owners want to share everything we love with our beloved pets. However, not everything that we eat is suitable for our hamsters. When it comes to dry fruits, several people ask whether they can feed raisins to hamsters or not? Let’s find out together.
Can Hamsters Eat Raisins

So, can we feed raisins to our sensitive little pets? Absolutely Yes! Raisins are completely safe for the hamsters to consume. Not only safe but raisins are also packed with several health benefits. But this doesn’t mean that you should throw a handful of raisins toward your hamster. It is because excessive amounts of raisins can lead to numerous health problems. 

Now we know that hamsters can eat raisins, but the question is how much? How many raisins can we feed to our little pets at a time? This and some other related information is mandatory to learn before feeding raisins to hamsters. 

Are Raisins Totally Safe For Hamsters?

A mixed dry fruit pack seems like missing something without raisins. We love using them in different recipes and even eating them as a snack. But what about our furry friends? Can they also enjoy raisins safely?

Yes! It is entirely safe for the hamsters to eat raisins. Raisins have different health benefits for hamsters. However, one thing that you should keep in mind is that raisins should only be fed as a treat and not a regular diet. 

Benefits Of Feeding Raisins To Hamsters

Raisins are loaded with the following healthy elements that make them a mouthwatering and a beneficial treat:


The presence of antioxidants makes raisins a very healthy snack for our little fellas. Antioxidants decrease the side effects of aging in hamsters. Hamsters have a very short lifespan. Additionally, aging’s side effects, like tumor and cancer development, are quite common in hamsters. 

Therefore, you should add foods that contain antioxidants to your hamster’s diet

Vitamin A & B

Just like for us humans, Vitamin A and B flex different benefits for hamsters as well. The best part about these prominent vitamins is that they are perfect immunity boosters. The immune systems of our little friends are not as strong as ours. Therefore, such supplements can be really beneficial for them. 


Iron is the core element in our blood and hamster’s blood as well. Food items like raisins having iron in them improve the blood flow of hamsters. Improved blood flow decreases the chances of heart diseases. 

Other Nutrients

Other than the elements mentioned above, raisins also contain potassium, carbs, and much more. All of these nutrients are important and beneficial for a healthy life of a hamster. Hence, you should think about giving raisins to your hamster every once in a while. 

Risks Of Feeding Raisins To Hamsters

Let’s jump to the critical part now. Are there any risks associated with feeding raisins to your hamster? No, when you feed raisins in moderation, there is nothing wrong at all. However, when you exceed a certain limit, damages can occur.

Here are some of the risks of feeding raisins immoderately:


Raisins contain a lot of sugar. Meaning that when hamsters eat raisins above a certain amount, the chances of obesity in them increase significantly. Anything that contains high content of sugar or fats leads to obesity.


Diabetes is another serious condition that is also associated with high sugar content. Diabetes can shorten the life span of your beloved pet drastically. Therefore, you have to be mindful while sharing some raisins with your hamster next time. 

Kidney Failure

Reports have shown that the consumption of raisins also leads to kidney problems. However, this only happens when you feed an excessive amount of raisins to your hamster. Therefore, to keep your hamster in optimum health, you should avoid feeding raisins to hamsters above recommended quantity.  


What If My Hamster Doesn’t Like Raisins?

If your hamster leaves raisins in its food bowl just as it is, then there’s no need to force them into eating raisins. There are plenty of other healthy treats that you can give to your hamster instead of raisins. 

How Many Raisins Can I Feed To My Dwarf Hamster?

The potential risks of feeding raisins to your hamster are greater than the benefits. Therefore, feeding raisins to dwarf hamsters even in small quantities is not recommended. Another reason is that the stickiness of raisins can lead to choking in dwarf hamsters. 

Conclusion – Can Hamsters Eat Raisins?

In this very interesting article, we found out that hamsters can safely eat raisins. However, the word “safely” is totally dependent on the number of raisins you feed to your hamster. Raisins can pose some serious life-threatening conditions like kidney failure, diabetes, and obesity. 

Contrarily, when fed in moderation, raisins can provide your hamster with some beneficial nutrients and antioxidants.

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