Can Hamsters Eat Pistachios? A Must Read

Like all other pets, hamsters love getting delicious treats from their owners. Suppose you’re thinking of adding pistachios to your hamster’s diet. In that case, you first have to find out whether hamsters can even eat pistachios? Read this article to find an answer and other things about feeding pistachios to your hamster. 
Can Hamsters Eat Pistachios

Can hamsters eat pistachios –Luckily, yes, hamsters can eat pistachios. But before you them with your hamster, you have to ensure that they are unsalted and the shell has been removed. If not, you shouldn’t give pistachios to your hamster because the salt and shell can create many health issues for your hamster. 

It’s crucial to learn about the benefits and risks of a food item before giving it to your pet. In the case of hamsters, you have to be more careful because they are fragile creatures and will suffer a severe reaction due to an unsuitable diet. To know everything about feeding pistachios to hamsters, read this post till the end.

Pros of Giving Pistachios to Your Hamster

In pistachios, many antioxidants, fiber, vitamin B6 and potassium are present. All these nutrients are required to keep your hamster healthy. Instead of supplying these nutrients in the form of supplements, pistachios are a natural way to provide them to your hamster. 

There are many health benefits of these nutrients. Some of which are given below:

  • Potassium is required for the healthy growth of the bones and muscles of your hamster. It also plays a role in keeping the blood pressure normal. Moreover, it helps to get rid of fatigue and constipation. 
  • Like all organisms, your hamster’s body also has many free radicals. These free radicals are potentially damaging for your hamster and thus need to be removed from the body. Antioxidants act as a shield against free radicals and protect the healthy body cells of your hamster. 
  • Food items like pistachios rich in fiber are good for digestive health. They also protect hamsters from gastrointestinal problems like constipation and diarrhea
  • Vitamin B6 has multiple benefits for your hamster. It helps produce the required levels of levels red blood cells in your hamster’s bloodstream. It is also beneficial for your hamster’s skin and nervous system functioning. 

Cons of Giving Pistachios to Your Hamster

Your little hamster will have to suffer many health issues, too, due to the high content of cholesterol and fat in pistachios. The common problems that can occur by overfeeding pistachios to your hamster are:

  • Too many pistachios can make your hamster obese. An overweight hamster has a higher risk of getting diabetes or arthritis than those having normal weight. 
  • Pistachios aren’t easy to digest for your hamster and can cause digestive issues. For example, your hamster may suffer from constipation, bloating, diarrhea, etc., due to pistachios. 
  • Salt and seasonings of the store-bought pistachios can be deadly for your hamster. Even if the shells of the pistachios are removed, the salt and seasonings flavors are enough to make your hamster sick with digestive problems. 

Tips for Feeding Pistachios to Your Hamster

While feeding pistachios to your hamster, care is a must to protect your furry buddy from the side effects. Here are some things that you should remember while feeding pistachios to your hamster: 

  • Always give natural pistachios to your hamster that don’t contain any salt or seasonings. 
  • Never allow your hamster to fill his belly with this delicious treat only. Give him his palleted food first that contains all the nutrients required for the healthy growth of your hamster. If your hamster eats only his treat, pistachios, or any other, he won’t be getting all the nutrients required by his body.
  • If your hamster becomes inactive after eating pistachios, look him for digestive problems. He might be having issues digesting them and should be treated as early as possible. 


How Many Pistachios Can Hamsters Eat? 

Depending upon the hamsters’ breeds, the number of pistachios they can have varies. Generally, all breeds can have one or two pistachio nuts after 7-10 days. If you feed more pistachios than this recommended amount, you’ll make your hamster sick. The nutrients and vitamins present in pistachios can’t replace a well-balanced, healthy diet. 

Can Hamsters Eat Pistachio Shells? 

No, hamsters can’t eat pistachio shells. Always remember to remove the shell before feeding pistachios to your hamster. Hamsters are sensitive creatures, and if the shell breaks while swallowing, it can lead to gastrointestinal blockage. In severe cases, your hamster can even die due to this problem if he doesn’t get the required treatment on time. 

Hamsters And Pistachios Wrapped Up

Pistachios are only good for your hamster if fed in the required range and without any salt and seasoning. If these ingredients are present, they can negatively impact your hamster’s health. Pistachio shells aren’t also good for your hamster, so it’s better to avoid them too. With these simple precautions, you can feed pistachios to your hamster without compromising on his health! 

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