Why Does My Hamster Bite Me? – Hamsters Biting Their Owners Explained

If you consider your hamster’s bite a sign of affection or love, then that’s not true. Your hamster won’t bite your hand for these reasons. In fact, the real reasons are different and need to be addressed on time. In this post, we have covered all the reasons for hamsters' bites and what you can do to stop your hamster's this behavior.
Hamsters Biting Their Owners Explained

Why does your hamster bite you – Your hamster can bite you to tell you that he is uncomfortable with a situation or thing. Other reasons include fear, hunger, illness, or unfamiliarity with you. If your hamster isn’t new in the house, he can bite you to communicate other things.

Understanding the reasons for your hamster’s behavior is crucial for your pet’s safety. Moreover, you have to understand the consequences of a hamster’s bite for your own protection too. We have mentioned everything you need to know about hamster bites to make it easier for you.

Reasons Why Your Hamster Is Biting You

The possible reasons why your hamster is biting you include:

Doesn’t Recognizes You

If you have adopted a hamster recently, the reason for biting might be unfamiliarity with you. He’ll need some time to adjust to the cage and your presence. Hamster’s recognize people with a specific smell. They need time to recognize your smell.

Until your hamster is not familiar with you, he will bite you as a defense. He’ll consider you a predator that can harm him. Gaining your hamster’s trust can help you eliminate this problem with time.

Feeling Scared

Besides considering you a predator, there might be things around your hamster that can make him scared. For example, hamsters have sensitive ears and don’t like loud sounds. If you have other pets at home who make a lot of noise, your little furry buddy might feel scared. So, when you hold your hamster, he will bite you, considering you’re going to harm him.

Nibbling or Chewing

Hamsters have actively growing teeth. To keep their teeth short and sharp, they nibble and chew things.

Hamsters can chew everything that comes in front of them, including your hand too in order to keep their teeth in shape. If you’re unable to spot a reason for your hamster’s bite, it is his normal nibbling or chewing behavior.

Hungry or Irritated With a Situation

Hamsters are very energetic and active pets. They are always looking for treats to keep themselves busy and fill their little bellies. You have to provide them with new and tasty treats each day to keep them happy.

If your hamster is hungry, he’ll bite anything that will be in front of him. Then, your hand will also be a treat for your little hamster.

These cute furballs can get bored easily. When hamsters are bored, they bite you or the things around them to get your attention. Your hamster might be irritated due to a situation, a pet, or the cage environment. If you feel that your hamster isn’t playing actively or not eating, it indicates he is angry or disappointed.

Mistaken Identity

Although hamsters have a good sense of smell, their poor eyesight can make them bite you. Your hamster can mistake your hand for a tasty treat. According to your little hamster, if your hand smells good, it should also taste good.

Thus, your hamster will bite to get his hands over this delicious treat.

What To Do If Your Hamster Bites You?

If your hamster bites you, observe the wound carefully. Your next move depends upon the severity of the wound. If the wound is deep and bleeding, then you need to go to the doctor or apply an ointment yourself.

Some signs that can help you understand that you need a doctor include:

  • Redness and swelling in the wound area.
  • Pain and difficulty in moving hands.
  • Pus coming out of the wound area.

Observe the wound carefully for one to two days before going to a doctor. Till then, you can wash your hands with some gentle soap to keep the wound clean and avoid the entry of germs.

How To Stop Your Hamster From Biting You?

Some things that you can do to stop your hamster from biting you include:

  • Spend time with your hamster to make them comfortable with you and their new environment. Usually, hamsters need 7-10 days to recognize their owners and surroundings.
  • Don’t disturb them when they are sleeping or doing something. Hamsters can get irritated easily if they are disturbed during their activities.
  • Never scold your hamster for biting you when he is new to your home. This will create fear, and he will bite you every time you pick him in your hands.
  • Provide your hamster with his favorite toys and treats to help him learn that you’re not a threat to him.


The following frequently asked questions will help you understand the concept of hamster biting better:

Which Hamsters Doesn’t Bite You?

If your hamster is happy and calm, he won’t bite you. So, it doesn’t depend upon the breed. Any breed can bite and stop biting when you keep him happy and calm. It’s your responsibility to find out the causes and possible solutions for your hamster’s biting. It’s important to keep him away from the things that disturb him.

How To Gain Your Hamster’s Trust?

First, you need to acknowledge that this won’t happen overnight. Your hamster needs time to adjust to a new environment. Try to provide him with his favorite treats and toys to keep him happy. Spend more time with your hamster to help him recognize your smell fast. With time and consistency, you can win your hamster’s heart and trust.

Are Hamster’s Bites Dangerous?

Yes, hamster’s bites are dangerous indirectly. They don’t have the risk of a serious disease, but the wound can allow some germs to get into your body. Therefore, you should clean and treat the open wound quickly to avoid infection.

Reasons Behind Hamsters Biting Explained

As a responsible pet owner, it’s your responsibility to keep your hamster away from the things that are disturbing for him. Removing all such things from your hamster’s life will stop his biting behavior. Get help from the tips mentioned in the post to stop your hamster from biting. Start working today to see the results!

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