Do Hamsters Like To Be Held?

Hamsters are small creatures. In some cases, they can even be timid. While some hamsters do not mind being held, others might still dislike the act to the point they consider biting the holder. Let us know about this behaviour of your hammy in detail!
Do Hamsters Like To Be Held

Do Hamsters Prefer Being Held?

Every hamster is different. It totally depends on their overall personality and the extent to which they trust you whether they like to be held or not. You should ensure that you are bonding well with your hammy before picking the creature up.

Before you handle your hammy, it is imperative to gain trust. You can do this by bonding with the creature and giving food by your hand. When you have a new hammy at home, try giving the creature some days to settle down properly before interacting. 

Holding Your Hamsters with Affection

You can train your hammy to tolerate and enjoy being held. They are quite timid in nature. This implies that they can be fearful when held for the first few times. 

Hamsters are prey creatures. As such, when a large hand will swoop in to grab them, they might get panicked while trying to defend themselves. As a result, they might even bite you –especially if you are not familiar with the pet. 

The species of your pet and its personality will determine how much he prefers being held and how long it will take to tame him.

Some hamsters enjoy being held. At the same time, there are others that might tolerate it for some time. Some hamsters might not feel warm when held. However, they might be comfortable around you in some other way. 

It is important to make the hammy used to your hand before picking him up. This will make him feel relaxed around you. When you do this, it will also increase the chances of taming the hamster easily. Gradually, your pet will get used to the process when you continue picking them up. When you pick them up daily and play with the little creatures, it will build ample trust as the pets know that you will not hurt them.

Do Hamsters Like to Be Petted?

Indeed the hamsters are extremely affectionate and cuddly animals. They love to be cuddled, stroked, and petted by the owners. While this is mostly true, it is also important to know that most hamsters –just like humans, only like to be held, touched, or petted at certain times.

Hamsters, like most other pets, desire and crave attention from their owners. Both for you and your hammy, a petting session can imply a great time for relaxation and bonding. Generally, hamsters like to be petted –yet not all the time and not under all conditions. 

How to Know If Your Hammy Likes Being Petted?

Hamsters are amazingly intelligent and amazing creatures. They can easily convey what they are feeling to you. Therefore, if they do like your petting behavior, they will be displaying some signs for the same. Here are some you can notice:

  • Happy and Chirpy Squeaks: If your hamster is reacting the same way to the petting as they do to the treats, squeaking and chirping to the heart’s content, the chances are that they like it.
  • Relaxed Facial Expressions: A hammy that enjoys being petted might close or narrow its eyes, wiggle its tails, or tweak the nose in a relaxed fashion.
  • Relaxed Bodies: A well-petted and content hamster will nestle deep into the palm of your hands. This facilitates further cuddling and petting to your tender touch.
  • Sleep: Drawn to your affectionate moves, the hamster might even fall straight in your palms.

Do Hamsters Like to Cuddle?

Yes, generally, these lovely creatures like to be handled and cuddled from time to time. Affection between the owner and the pet, for instance, handling or cuddling, can help in developing trust. Equally, when your pet trusts you, it will feel safe as well as relaxed in your presence. This allows for more cuddles and sharing of affection. It is important for the overall health, happiness, and well-being of your hammy.

Talking to your pet in a soft voice, feeding them treats (every now & then), stroking them, and cuddling them are all great ways of showing your love and affection for the animal.

How do Hamsters Show Affection?

When your hamster adores you, he will stay around a little bit longer after you give him the favorite treats. Hamsters can turn out adventurous in the way in which they do things. 

It is completely natural for them to execute tasks differently. However, they will only do so when they are relaxed enough with the individual they are interacting with. 

As such, if you notice your hammy pulling out the treats in your hands the moment you will place it near the cage, it is a good sign. It is their beautiful way of telling that they like having you around when they are being loved or given treats. 

Training Your Pet to be Comfortable with Being Held

Whether or not your pet will stay put in your palms, you can still train him. To be in your hands for long, the hamsters need to know that they are in safe hands. Here are some ways in which you make the creature feel comfortable in your presence:

  • Start small. Be consistent and patient with the creature
  • Start young
  • Entice your hamster with treats
  • Hold the hamster close to your chest or in your lap


So, does your hamster like being held? In case your pet does not like to be petted at all, you can still show him love and affection through various other ways. Speak sweetly to them, offer them treats or toys, and so more. Still, if you would like to make your lovable hammy a perfect ‘lap hammy,’ then you should learn the right way to handle and pet. Have a great time!

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