Are Hamsters Ok With Loud Noises?

Hamsters are tiny creatures. Therefore, they might not like loud noises. Do you have a hammy as your pet? Then, you should know whether or not your beloved pet is fond of loud noises.
Are Hamsters Ok With Loud Noises?

As pet owners, you should be aware of the fact that hamsters are highly susceptible animals. If you wish to pet a hammy, you should know what your pet likes and dislikes.

Can Hamsters Die Out of Loud Noises?

No. Hamsters do not tend to die from loud noises. Indeed, these small beings are quite sensitive to loud music and noises. Hamsters can become highly scared if they come across loud or strange noises. Therefore, it is recommended that you should refrain from listening to loud music or sounds in the presence of your sweet, little pet.

As far as sounds and music are concerned, it is a sensitive matter for the hamsters. As the animal is too small and fragile, you should know that the inside biology of these creatures is quite delicate. Therefore, these creatures might feel and access music and loud sounds significantly.

There are different kinds of hamsters. Every species of hamster has some unique feature. While some species might prefer light music, others might simply hate it. The species that favors music is the one using music as a form of soothing factor. For instance, a survey reports that some hamsters are fond of pianos and Chelios. In such a scenario, most pet parents prefer using music to calm the hammies. The method of providing calm through music can help the pet owner in keeping the creature calm for a longer period. While some hammies might enjoy playing to the music, others can feel relaxed and sleep eventually.

On the other hand, there are other hamster species that are increasingly frightened of music or sounds. They might get scared to an extent that some of them tend to go numb upon hearing loud sounds. Some pets might not understand the beats of musical notes. Therefore, they regard it as a loud noise and end up getting frightened by the same.

The patterns of scared moments and constant shock can be dangerous for both the hammy as well as the pet owner. Therefore, it is imperative for you to assess whether or not your pet likes music. Another important factor you need to consider is the type of music your pet prefers to listen to.

How to Take Care of Your Hamsters with Respect to Loud Music?

As a pet owner, you need to be cautious of some precautions and methods. The precautionary measures can help in keeping your pet safe as well as sound from the noises around. The given precautions can also help you in protecting your pet from loud music beats or volumes from some home-based system.

For assessing whether or not your hammy likes loud music, you can perform a test with respect to music. Once you have checked sensitivity, you should execute the necessary precautionary measures.

Check the Sensitivity of Music and Sounds

Some hammies make use of music as play zones. But, some of them do not like music at all. Therefore, you should check the sensitivity levels of your hammy towards loud music or sounds.

For doing the same, you can play some soothing and calm music near the cage of your hammy. Observe the reaction of your pet upon listening to the sounds.

In case your pet is frightened, you can consider lowering the volume of the music. On the other hand, if your hamster is comfortable with the music, you can gradually increase the capacity of the music track. Through this method, you are capable of checking the level at which your hammy feels frightened. The test is responsible for keeping your pet safe as you understand the limit suitable for the pet.

Place the Sound System Away from the Hammy’s Cage

Hamsters are used to playing around their cages. Therefore, you should pay attention to the cage environment and its surroundings–especially when your pet might be sensitive to music or noise.

Avoid keeping the cage near any sound system. Otherwise, direct noise from the sound system will affect the hammy and its normal schedule. Due to loud music, the hamster might get scared as well.

Ensure Low Volumes for Your Pet Hamster

The volume of your music or sound system should be low. As already mentioned, hamsters are highly sensitive beings. Therefore, they could be increasingly alert to high music. As such, you should aim at keeping the music volumes low in your home-based sound system. Your pet might feel uncomfortable when it is around loud music or sound beats.

Some music beats produce ample vibrations in the ground. Due to this, the hamsters might feel highly unsafe and unpleasant. When you lower down the music volume, it will soothe your pet. Moreover, they might even get comfortable with slow music with time.

Develop the Habit of the Pet to Love Music

If you happen to organize some music classes at home or are a musical professional, then you can make your hammy get accustomed to music gradually. The pet should be capable of recognizing sounds that you are playing or listening to.

As you bring home a hamster as your pet, you can place the pet’s cage at the same place where you will practice music. Start off with slow music and gradually increase the pace to observe your pet’s reaction. As a pet parent, you should analyze and understand the changing behavior of your pet.

With time, you can gradually increase the music sound and volume. Within a span of a few weeks, your hamster will be used to listening to music at a specific volume and beat the level.


Hamsters are prey animals for a number of predators out there. This implies that naturally, they are sensitive to sounds all around. As such, any unusual noise will send them into a state of panic. As you understand the behavior of your pet, it becomes easier to make him adjust to your surroundings.

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