How To Train Your Hamster To Cuddle? Most Comprehensive Guide

Why do most hamster owners buy hamsters? Because of their irresistible cuteness, right? Absolutely right! Hamsters are unarguably one of the cutest pets. However, cuddling with them is an equally difficult task. Do you also want to train your pet hamster to cuddle with you? Let’s find out what’s the best method to train your hamster for cuddling.
How To Train Your Hamster To Cuddle

Does your hamster show aggression when you try to pet it? Wanna know how to train it for this? Training for cuddling starts from the first day. In the beginning, you will have to give your hamster some time to adjust to the new environment. After that, try to feed your hamster with your hands. Once it is comfortable with your presence around it, gently start picking it. Use the help of treats to make this possible.

The training time will depend upon the personality of your hamster and its breed. Generally, large-sized breeds like Syrian Hamsters take less time to train for cuddling. The best rule of thumb, in this case, is to be patient. Always remember that slow and steady wins the best cuddles.

Do Hamsters Like Cuddling?

Before directly jumping to the training, it is better to understand whether your hamster likes cuddling or not. Yes, hamsters do like cuddling, but for this, bonding between the hamster and its owner is mandatory. You can’t simply start cuddling with a hamster you brought one day ago.

Most hamster breeds are solitary animals. Meaning that they live alone in the wild. An animal, which will naturally spend most of its lifespan alone, takes time to train for cuddling. 

Training Your Hamster For Cuddling

I know that you are eager to cuddle with your hamster. The best policy is to approach your hamster slowly. 

Follow this method step by step to make your hamster cuddle with you comfortably:

Buy A Good Cage

As mentioned earlier, training for cuddling starts from the day you buy your hamster. The cage in which you place your hamster has to be comfortable. If your hamster isn’t happy with its cage, it will soon become aggressive. Therefore you won’t be able to come close to your hammy. 

Hence, begin with buying a suitable cage for your hamster. The cage should have appropriate space for bedding. Moreover, it must have a good quality hamster wheel and toys to keep your beloved pet healthy and entertained. 

Don’t Disturb Him

The first two weeks determine the nature of bonding between you and your hamster. I know that it is really hard to resist picking your newly bought hamster. However, in the first two weeks, it is best to let your hamster adjust to its new surroundings on its own.

Your interference will only delay the process. Only approach to clean your hamster’s cage or to fill his water bottle or food bowl. 

Start Feeding By Your Hand

The next step is the most interesting one. Start feeding your hamster by putting his food in your hand. At first, you will notice that the hamster will hesitate to eat directly from your hand. To help him overcome this hesitation, spill some food in the cage and hold the rest in your hand.

After eating the food dropped on the cage’s floor, the hamster will automatically turn towards your hand. When you do this repeatedly, your hamster will associate your presence with its favorite thing, which is food.

Use Treats

If you want to speed up the process a little bit, take the help of treats. Treats that your hamster loves enjoying make him comfortable around you. Just like the last step, give treats to your hamster directly from your hand. 

This gesture will make your hamster like you. In its mind, your hamster will associate the scent of your hands with your hands.

Pick Him Gently

Once your hamster gets used to eating directly from your hand, cup your hand and pick him. Don’t get afraid of the movement of your pet. Many first-time hamster owners get confused while picking their hamster for the first time. This easily scares the hamster, and it may bite you in such a situation.

It is why picking up your hamster confidently and gently is very important. Soon after this, your hamster will be down for cuddling with you. 


The following to hamster cuddling training may help you bond better with your hamster:

Can I Wake My Hamster To Cuddle With Him?

No, this is not recommended at all. Hamsters do not appreciate it when you wake them from their sleep. It will make your hamster frustrated and aggressive. 

Why Does My Hamster Bite When I Try To Cuddle?

This usually happens when your hamster considers you as a threat. It indicates that you will have to create the bonding between you and your hamster first. 

Hamster’s Cuddle Training Summed Up

The idea of cuddling with their beloved pet lightens up the day of every hamster owner. However, hamsters don’t appreciate physical interaction naturally. Before touching them, you have to train them first. For this, your hamster must have a cage that he is comfortable in. 

Secondly, you must follow certain steps in order to train your hamster for cuddling. 

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