How Many Toes Does a Hamster Have? All You Need To Know! 

Hamsters are sensitive creatures, so they need special care. Like the rest of his body, you have to care for your hamster’s little toes too. But wondering how many toes does a hamster have? Read this post till the end to get detailed information about hamsters’ toes.
How Many Toes Does A Hamster Have

How many toes does a hamster have – Hamsters have a total of eighteen toes. Regardless of the breed, you’ll see toes in all the hamsters. However, hamsters’ toes are tiny, and you’ve to look carefully to find them. The number of toes on their front and rare paws differs, with four and five toes on their front and rare feet, respectively. 

Hamsters’ toes are more sensitive than all the parts of their body. When you know that your hamster can suffer due to a thing, you’ll surely try to do things better and better for your hamster. Your hamster’s paws need care, and this post will help you learn all about hamsters’ toes and their care in detail. 

Why Do Hamsters Chew on Their Feet? 

There are many reasons why hamsters can chew their feet. Some are: 

  • Itching 
  • Injury 
  • Infection 


Many things can cause itching in hamsters. The most common are parasites or allergic reactions due to bedding or other items in a hamster’s cage. If your hamster has itching, find out the reason to help your hamster get out of this situation soon. You can take your hamster to a vet if the problem continues even after removing the item responsible for itching. 

Keep your hamster and its cage clean to prevent the parasitic attack on your hamster. A weekly cleaning routine can remove all the parasites from your hamster’s cage. 


Another reason your hamster might be chewing his feet is injury. In this case, hamsters will chew their feet to stop the pain. Observe your hamster carefully to identify an injury. If there is any, use a soft cloth to hold your hamster firmly. An injured hamster can bite, so it’s better to be careful beforehand.

If your hamster is injured, you’ll see the following symptoms:

You’ll have to scrutinize the wound before you go for treatment. If the injury is severe, never treat your hamster yourself. Take him to the vet to protect your hamster from more pain. 


Many bacteria and injuries can cause infection in your hamster’s foot. Your hamster will often chew his foot that has gotten infected due to irritation. Some common symptoms that indicate feet infection in hamsters are: 

  • Red or swollen foot 
  • Limping 
  • Less movement in the cage
  • Sensitive feet 

Should You Trim Your Hamster’s Nails? 

Yes, you should trim your hamster’s nails. If your hamster has overgrown its toenails, it can lead to many health issues. Moreover, your hamster can get scratches on his body if his nails are long. It will also become difficult for you to hold your hamster. Therefore, trim your hamster’s nails at regular intervals. 

How to Trim Your Hamster’s Nails? 

To trim your hamster’s nails, you’ll first have to make him comfortable. If your hamster can stay calm and relaxed, you can trim his nails yourself. If this doesn’t happen, take your hamster to a vet to get his nails trimmed. 

Keep your hamster in a safe and comfortable place, such as a bed or table. You can also hold your hamster from its back with one hand and trim its nails with your other hand. But you have to ensure that your hamster is comfortable this way. 

Use light to look at the nails carefully. This will help you cut only the translucent part of the nail. Don’t rush because you might cut the fleshy area of your hamster’s toenail. It’s better if you use specialized clippers suitable for babies and small animals


What Is Hamster’s Bumblefoot? 

The hamster’s foot may get inflamed due to many reasons, including overgrown toenails. This situation is known as bumblefoot. Common symptoms of bumblefoot are lethargy, lack of appetite, red and swollen feet, sensitive feet, ulcers, and scabs on feet. When you notice these symptoms, take your hamster to a vet immediately to relieve the pain. 

What to Do If Your Hamster’s Toe Is Bleeding? 

If your hamster’s toe is bleeding, you can simply use cotton wool dipped in lukewarm water to clean the wound. Human-medicated products such as antiseptics, bandages, plasters, etc., are not suitable for hamsters. If the injury is severe and bleeding is continuous, take your hamster to a vet. 

Hamster Toes Wrapped Up

As a loving pet owner, even tiny details about your hamster matter. Now you know that your hamster has eighteen toes, and his sensitive toes can get hurt due to multiple reasons. It may include injuries, infection, itching, or diseases. You must carefully observe when your hamster isn’t acting normally to avoid all these. 

Toenails or toes injuries can be really discomforting for your hamster. So, make sure to take the required measures on time! 

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